Victor P Taffa Life is full of decisions. Many we choose, many we do not. In December 1982 I chose to join the Liberal Party and similarly in July 2009 I chose to join the National Party.   [...]

WA Backs Grain On Rail

Western Australia Minister for Transport Simon O’Brien $80 Million Boost For Grain Network Victor P Taffa The State Government has announced more than $80 Million will be invested in the [...]

Pre-Mix Drink Sales Down

Australian Bureau Of Statistics Ready To Drink Alcohol Drops By One Third: ABS Victor P Taffa Apparent consumption of alcohol through ready to drink, pre-mixed beverages fell by 30% in 2008-09, [...]

South Australia Losing People

Australian Bureau Of Statistics Interstate Migration Continues To Slow South Australian population growth Victor P Taffa South Australia continues to lose people to other states at a greater rate [...]