About Us:

The Southern Thunderer is a general on-line newspaper that was begun by Editor, Victor P Taffa. The Southern Thunderer name comes about by the reference that Australia is known as the “great south land” and also is based in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Southern Thunderer was first published on Wednesday 14 October 2009.

Our Team:

The Southern Thunderer team is led by Editor, Victor P Taffa

Our Profile:

The Southern Thunderer readership reflects a cross-section of people and ensures that the news and issues of the day are reported and debated in a fair and ethical manner.

The Southern Thunderer is registered with the New South Wales Office of Fair Trading and the Masthead of the newspaper has a Trademark.

The Southern Thunderer ABN: 13 166 722 880

The Trademark includes The Southern Thunderer name and the stylised outline of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The use of the orange and blue colour scheme in the masthead and page names bar highlights the vastness of the landmass of Australia and also that Australia is an island continent surrounded by Blue Ocean. Much of inland Australia contains soil that is red and Alice Springs is known as “the red centre.” Orange is an earthy colour.

In keeping with a tone that is uniquely Australian is the reproduction by permission of the poem My Country by Dorothea Mackellar.

My Country appears in the LIFESTYLE Page of The Southern Thunderer.

Mission Statement:

The Southern Thunderer shall publish material in a fair and balanced format while at all times seek out the facts and report material truthfully.


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