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Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner

Northern Territory Treasurer Nicole Manison

Government Releases Plan To Fix The Budget

Victor P Taffa

Northern Territory Government has released its plan to fix the Territory Budget.

Plan consists of 2 parts:

  • Government’s response to the ‘Plan For Budget Repair: Final Report’ developed by independent former Western Australia under-treasurer John Langoulant
  • Immediate savings identified from the Root and Branch review of Government programs

“This plan to fix the budget makes the tough decisions needed to ensure we can continue investing in local jobs, generational change and tackling crime.” Chief Minister Michael Gunner said.

“Plan protects front line workers like teachers, nurses and Police and includes important reforms to maximise the private investment which creates local jobs.”

Plan For Budget Repair: Final Report

Of the 76 recommendations contained in the final report:

  • 68 have been accepted in full
  • 2 in part
  • 4 in principal
  • 2 were not accepted

Implementation of these measures will reduce Government expenditure by $11.2 Billion over 10-years and see the budget return to surplus in 2027/28.

Key recommendations accepted from The Final Report include:

  • Pay freeze for politicians and public service executives
  • 10% reduction in executive positions (52 full-time jobs)
  • Tough new accountability measures for senior staff and consequences for poor performance
  • Cutting red tape to attract private investment and create local jobs
  • Selling the Lands Titles Office including the Integrated Land Information System (ILIS)

“Our plan puts Territorians first by making tough decisions in a way that’s fair.” Treasurer Nicole Manison said.

“It makes politicians and senior executives accountable for their financial decisions.”

Root And Branch Review

Root and Branch review of Government programs was designed to ensure expenditure remains focused on the key priorities of:

  • Creating jobs and attracting investment
  • Creating generational change which will reduce demand for government services in the medium to long term
  • Increasing community safety and cohesion
  • Enhancing transparency and integrity of Government

Savings from this review total $1.4 Billion over 10 years.

NT Treasurer Nicole Manison








Northern Territory Government is taking action to fix the budget after:

  • Inheriting a $876 Million deficit from the former Government
  • Cut of $500 Million annual in GST revenue from the Federal Government (which reduced by a further $88 Million in their April budget).


GST                 Goods and Services Tax


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