What Has He Got To Hide?

What Has He Got To Hide?

Andrews Red Shirts Brigade And Secret Deal With Communist China

Victor P Taffa

Besides refusing to answer questions with Victoria Police Premier Daniel Andrews has signed a secret deal with Communist China.


Secret Deal With Communist China

When Communist China introduces Free, Fair multi-party Public Elections then deals that Premier Andrews signs with Communist China maybe half acceptable.

Until then no deal that has been signed in secret from the Victorian people is acceptable.

What has he got to hide?

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews and some of his Ministers have refused to answer questions that Victoria Police asked of Premier Daniel Andrews and some of his Ministers.


Red Shirts Brigade

On 21 March 2018 The Age newspaper reporters Benjamin Preiss, Adam Carey & Noel Towell reported that more than 20 Labor MP’s signed off on payments worth nearly $400,000 from taxpayers that went towards political campaigning to win the 2014 election, a damning Ombudsman’s report has found.

Report revealed that the Labor MP’s including 11 serving and 10 former MP’s signed timesheets authorising payments to “field organisers” who helped co-ordinate the election campaign.

Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass released the report after her years-long investigation into whistleblowers’ claims that taxpayer funds were misused.

Ms. Glass found that electorate officers for Labor MP’s, who were employed by the Parliament, were diverted to the party’s grassroots “red shirts” brigade for the 2014 election campaign.

  • Total Estimated Payments: $387,842


Labor’s 21 Serving And Retired MP’s

3 March-29 November 2014


MP’s named in the report who are now frontbench ministers include:

  • Jenny Mikakos, Minister for Families, Children and Youth Affairs ($21,148)
  • Gavin Jennings, Special Minister of State ($20,539)
  • Lily D’Ambrosio, Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change ($5,364)
  • Martin Pakula, Attorney-General ($5,354)
  • John Eren, Minister for Tourism and Major Events ($2,358)


Other serving MP’s in the report include:

  • Marsha Thomson ($21,148)
  • Nazih Elasmar ($21,148)
  • Gayle Tierney ($20,559)
  • Adem Somyurek ($15,717)
  • Anthony Carbines ($8,823)
  • Shaun Leane ($2,358)


MP’s named in the report who are no longer serving include:

  • John Lenders ($44,732)
  • Elizabeth Beattie ($24,773)
  • Margaret Lewis ($24,358)
  • John Pandazopoulos ($21,757)
  • Jo Helper ($21,148)
  • Johan Scheffer ($21,148)
  • Candy Broad ($5925)
  • Brian Tee ($21,148)
  • Matthew Viney ($18,790)
  • Lee Tarlamis ($19,931)

source: Victorian Ombudsman

What has he got to hide?


Perhaps Premier Daniel Andrews and some of his Ministers will provide the answers asked of them from Victoria Police to the Editors of The Age and Herald-Sun Newspapers.


Recent Melbourne Terrorist Attack

Heat has been taken off Premier Daniel Andrews about these issues by a terrorist attack and death of a beloved Melburnian.


Victoria State Election 2018

Every candidate contesting 88 Legislative Assembly Districts and 8 Legislative Council Regions are listed in the Elections Page of The Southern Thunderer.

Victoria State Election will be held on 24 November 2018.



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