Weak As Dish Water

Weak As Dish Water

Victoria Minister For Police Lisa Neville Is Out Of Her Depth In Portfolio

Victor P Taffa

Law and Order is the issue on which people expects a Government to perform.

People deserve and want to feel safe on the streets. Law and Order is the Andrews Government weak spot.

Minister for Police Lisa Neville is the weakest of Andrews Government weak Law and Order spots.

Andrews Government and Minister Lisa Neville lets gangs go rampant and Police cannot touch them.

Andrews Government has turned Victoria Police into a baby-sitting service.

Gangs roam from one suburb to the next and the Andrews Government makes Victoria Police stand back.

Many media reports and people can verify these comments.

Minister Lisa Neville is as weak as dish water.

These comments have nothing to do with Minister Lisa Neville’s great personal commitment to her family and friends.

Minister of the Crown Lisa Neville is weak in a Portfolio that needs strength.

Andrews Government has removed many level crossings and people are thankful for that.

When people cannot walk the streets of Melbourne safely then level crossing removals are of secondary importance.

Recent Melbourne Terrorist Attack

Heat has been taken off Premier Daniel Andrews about these issues by a terrorist attack and death of a beloved Melburnian.

Policies and response by the Andrews Government and Minister for Police Lisa Neville has not taken steps to reduce the number of terrorist attacks in Melbourne.

Victoria State Election will be held on 24 November 2018.