VRAC To Be Established Under Liberal/National Coalition Govt

VRAC To Be Established Under Liberal/National Coalition Govt

Victoria Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources David Southwick

Liberal Nationals To Establish Victorian Resources Assessment Commission

Victor P Taffa

An elected Liberal/Nationals Coalition Government will establish the Victorian Resource Assessment Commission (VRAC) as an independent body to give government advice on resource projects in Victoria.

Premier Daniel Andrews has lost control of population growth and it is resulting in supply shortages and cost of living increases throughout Victoria.

“Supply of key raw materials in Victoria is a key cost of living issue, the Liberal Nationals will streamline our resources industry and keep costs down.” Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources David Southwick said.


“Whether its cost blow outs on major projects or extra material costs on a new house, Victorians are paying more because Premier Daniel Andrews cannot deliver the supply key resources our growing state needs.”

Victoria is currently the fastest growing state in Australia, growing at around 150,000 people a year, and most of that growth is occurring in Melbourne.

With an estimated 89% more quarry and raw materials required by Victoria by 2050 and an additional $2 Billion of transport costs being incurred for every extra 25 km that resources are transported over the same period, Victoria needs a clear long-term strategy for the identification and delivery of resource projects.

Currently, Victorian extractive industries are subject to 34 different acts and at least 12 different governmental bodies. This burdensome regulatory environment is a key cause of project delays, raw material shortfalls and associated cost blowouts.

VRAC would be modelled on the Victorian Environmental Assessment Commission (VEAC) to focus on strategic resource needs and provide independent advice to government on resource, quarry and mining matters.

VRAC will be tasked with providing advice to government on simplifying the approvals process to facilitate the delivery of construction materials within the first 6 months of a Liberal Nationals Government.

Ability for Victoria to efficiently access and transport various quarrying and mining resources is critical to the affordability of Victorian housing, infrastructure and growth in the broader economy.

Victoria State Election will be held on 24 November 2018.