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New South Wales Shadow Treasurer & Manly MP Mike Baird

Treasurer Fails To Disclose Lotteries Complaints

Victor P Taffa

“No complaint has been made by any of the unsuccessful bidders about the Lotteries sale process.” Treasurer, Eric Roozendaal, NSW Parliament 21/4/10

“Concerns concerning offer based on retention of unclaimed prizes.”
subject of letter from unsuccessful bidder to Treasury 17/3/10

Treasurer Eric Roozendaal explicitly told Parliament there were no complaints about the Lotteries sale process when a serious complaint had been received, Shadow Treasurer Mike Baird said today.



The legal representatives for an unsuccessful bidder wrote to NSW Treasury, the Government’s lawyers and its probity adviser on 17 March to complain it was told several times it could not bid for the unclaimed prizes.

“This is a major transaction for the State of NSW and the responsibility of ensuring a fair and transparent process on behalf of taxpayers rests only with the Treasurer, Eric Roozendaal.” Mr. Baird said.

“It is clear that serious questions about this transaction remain, yet Treasurer Roozendaal is just playing semantics.” Mr. Baird said.

“A letter containing serious complaints from an unsuccessful bidder was sent to all the advisers in the transaction, including to Treasury and the State Labor Government’s probity adviser.”

“How can we trust anything Eric Roozendaal has said in relation to this transaction given he told Parliament this week no complaints were received?” Mr. Baird demanded to know.

“We are calling on the Treasurer today to state if he received this letter and what was his personal response.”

“If the Treasurer has nothing to hide then he should agree to our request for the release of all documents in relation to this transaction.

“Not only has Eric Roozendaal bungled another transaction potentially leaving taxpayers dudded tens of millions of dollars – he has misled Parliament.” Mr. Baird said.

The outcome of the sale of the New South Wales lotteries by the Treasurer resulted in a $50 Million LOSS to taxpayers.

Editor Victor P Taffa will campaign in the State seat of Newcastle for the 26 March 2011 election and along with Railway Bonds a Railway lottery should be introduced to build sorely needed railway lines.


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