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Energy Value Increasing As Households More Efficient

Victor P Taffa

Australian energy use increased in 2016-17, but also became more efficient according to the latest edition of the annual Energy Account released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Total gross energy use increased by 4 % in 2016-17, according to ABS Centre for Environment and Satellite Accounts director, Jonathon Khoo.


Physical exports of energy increased by 1 %, while the value of these exports increased 42 % ($25 Billion), as the price of commodities increased significantly in 2016-17.

Australian industry reported a 5 % increase in gross energy use.

“Although Australian industries used more energy overall in 2016-17, they also became more efficient – with energy productivity increasing by 1 %.” Mr. Khoo said.

Average household energy use was on the decline.

“On average, each Australian household used 135 gigajoules of energy in 2016-17 that’s a 1 % decrease from 2015-16 and an over 7 % decrease over the decade since 2006-07.” Mr. Khoo said.

“Overall, petrol is still the number one type of energy used by households making up 45 % of energy used but solar energy is the fastest growing, increasing by about 15 % in 2016-17 on the year prior.”


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