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New South Wales Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair

Getting The Best Catch For The New South Wales Seafood Industry

Victor P Taffa

New South Wales Government wants more local seafood on more New South Wales plates today launching a new $1 Million program to boost the value of the New South Wales seafood industry.

Minister for Primary Industries, Niall Blair said the Supporting our Seafood Future grants program is designed to build marketing and promotion capability within the fishing businesses through small-scale (less than $10,000) and large-scale ($10,000 to $200,000) matched funding grants.

“We currently import approximately 86% of seafood eaten in New South Wales, we know there is a huge opportunity to increase the production and consumption of local seafood and to drive economic growth in our state.” Minister Blair said.

“New South Wales seafood producers have significant advantages over our interstate competitors we have the largest domestic and international tourist market, the largest domestic market, the largest city in Australia and the shortest distance to market of any seafood producers in Australia.”

“With the right support, we’ll be able to unlock the potential of our seafood industry.” Minister Blair said.

“This program will result in greater promotion of New South Wales seafood through activities such as themed festival events, retailer partnerships, cooking advertising, food tours, popup events and community education programs.”

“Grants will be available to eligible fishing businesses, fishing cooperatives, retailers and wholesalers of seafood product and may be delivered in partnership with other producers, retailers and/or marketing/promotional companies.”

“Since a significant proportion of our seafood is produced in regional areas, we also hope that any growth in our seafood markets will have a corresponding benefit to regional employment and regional economies.” Minister Blair said.


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