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Western Australia Minister for Environment Stephen Dawson

Spring Prescribed Burning Underway

Victor P Taffa

  • Prescribed burning is essential for reducing the build-up of flammable vegetation and ground fuels
  • Parks and Wildlife Service staff will utilise suitable weather conditions to safely undertake prescribed burns

Prescribed burning is now underway in areas surrounding Perth and across the south-west of the State to protect communities from devastating summer bushfires.

“McGowan Government is committed to protecting the Western Australian community from the damaging impacts of bushfires using a collaborative approach to bushfire mitigation between government agencies, local government authorities and industry.” Minister for Environment Stephen Dawson said.

“Department will be undertaking prescribed burning over the coming weeks as part of its shared responsibility in keeping communities safe.”

Parks and Wildlife Service at the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions is using favourable spring conditions to undertake prescribed burns.

“Spring months allow a short window of opportunity for department staff and volunteers to safely undertake this vital work, and we thank the community for their patience and understanding during this time.” Minister Dawson said.

A mix of larger burns on forest areas and smaller burns closer to communities and townsites during spring will significantly reduce the threat and severity of devastating bushfires and help protect lives, infrastructure and biodiversity values.

Prescribed burning is highly dependent on suitable weather conditions, fuel moisture and a range of other factors to be undertaken safely.

Department aims to minimise smoke impacts, and people with conditions exacerbated by smoke should take precautions in line with their medical advice.


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