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Queensland Minister for Employment and Small Business Shannon Fentiman

Government Moves To Streamline Small Business Rules

Victor P Taffa

Palaszczuk Government is outlining its efforts to reduce red tape and costs for small businesses with the release of the Queensland Government Response and Action Plan to the 2017 Better Regulation Taskforce (BRT) Report.

Minister for Employment and Small Business Shannon Fentiman said the report examined regulations relating to three priority industries of eco-tourism, live music and start-up businesses, and the Action Plan notes work on many of reports recommendations are already underway.


“We want to make it easier for Queensland businesses to do business.” Minister Fentiman said.

“State Government Response and Action Plan provides for increased support and initiatives across the board.”

“Report identifies priorities for government action, links with existing programs, and outlines initiatives to shape sustainable workforce development, increase training and enable businesses to grow.”

Minister Fentiman said the implementation of the report’s actions would be a collaborative approach across government.

“My department will take the lead to identify ways we can work with local government to reassess and improve some of their regulations for small business.” Minister Fentiman said.

“We will investigate how we can make low risk application approvals easier, streamline the planning processes and remove repetitive reporting requirements.”

“We will also pilot a sandbox program to reduce red tape for innovative new businesses.”

“In addition, we will identify new initiatives, reform projects or activities which could assist in streamlining government processes impacting on small business growth.” Minister Fentiman said.

“Queensland is home to a growing number of innovative start-up businesses and we will work with the Department of Innovation, Tourism Industry Development to develop targeted information to help this sector to continue to thrive.”

“More than 97% of all businesses in Queensland are small businesses and all 438,000 of them play an integral role in driving our economy and job growth.”

“They contribute around $113 Billion to our economy and employ around 44 % of the private sector workforce.” Minister Fentiman said.

“Palaszczuk Government is committed to assisting our small businesses to start, grow and employ more Queenslanders.”

“I thank the contributions from all the members of the Better Regulation Taskforce and in particular the leadership of Queensland’s Small Business Champion, Maree Adshead, in developing these proposals to support small businesses.” Minister Fentiman said.


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