Safe Boating In Lake Lonsdale

Safe Boating In Lake Lonsdale

Victoria Minister for Ports Denis Napthine

$42,000 In Coalition Grants Ensures Safe Boating At Lake Lonsdale

Victor P Taffa

Victorian Coalition Government grants totalling more than $42,000 will help restore boating facilities at Lake Lonsdale west of Stawell.

Minister for Ports Denis Napthine travelled to Lake Lonsdale today to formally announce the funding to enable Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water to provide safe boating facilities at the lake.

“This funding will repair erosion damage to the northern and southern boat ramps on Lake Lonsdale.” Dr. Napthine said.

“The restoration works are important as many of these communities rely on tourism, so it is essential that waterways managers ensure rivers and lakes affected by the recent floods are safe for boating, and local economies are assisted.”


“The Coalition Government is committed to supporting these flood-affected communities through these difficult times and one of the best ways of doing this is to encourage visitors and tourists to come back and visit these towns.”

“It is also important to provide local boaters with safe facilities so they can get back out on Lake Lonsdale and enjoy a day of fishing, waterskiing and swimming.”

“Lake Lonsdale is a beautiful location and this grant aims to position it as a hub for the local community and a great attraction for visiting tourists.” Dr. Napthine said.

The Coalition Government will provide $27,960 to repair the northern boat ramp and $14,800 to repair to the southern boat ramp.

“The funding complements the assistance already being provided by the Victorian Government and is part of a broader initiative to help flood-affected communities throughout Victoria.” Dr. Napthine said.