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Queensland Premier Campbell Newman

Premier Congratulates Ros Dodson Barnardos 2012 Mother Of The Year

Victor P Taffa

Premier Campbell Newman today congratulated Ros Dodson on being named Barnardos 2012 Mother of the Year.

Premier Newman said being named as the Barnardos 2012 Mother of the Year just before Mother’s Day both recognised and celebrated Ms. Dodson’s role as a mother and mentor of many other children over the years.

He said Ms. Dodson’s care for children and families extended well beyond her own immediate family.

“Over the past 24 years Ros has worked to assist people from the Stolen Generation find their families.” Premier Newman said.

“Ms. Dodson also helped create the Building Strong Mothers and Babies program for Indigenous parents and works with homeless youth.”

“She is a truly inspiring mum.”

The announcement today followed Ms. Dodson’s earlier recognition as 2012 Queensland Mother of the Year. Ms. Ros Dodson works in the Queensland Government’s Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

Premier Newman encouraged all Queenslanders young and old to celebrate their mums this Sunday on Mother’s Day.

Both the Premier and his wife Lisa will take part in the Mother’s Day Classic this Sunday.


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