Report Shows Perth Methamphetamine Use Drops To Its Lowest On Record

Report Shows Perth Methamphetamine Use Drops To Its Lowest On Record

Western Australia Minister for Police Michelle Roberts

Perth No Longer ‘Meth Capital’ As New Report Reveals Decline In Use

Victor P Taffa

  • Meth consumption levels in Perth lowest on record
  • Meth Action Plan co-ordinated approach to target dealers and support addicts

New data released today shows methamphetamine use in Perth has dropped to its lowest on record, but Police Minister Michelle Roberts has cautioned against complacency.

“These latest results show meth use in Perth has dropped significantly since its peak in 2016.” Minister for Police Michelle Roberts said.

“They are promising, but we all know there is still much work to do and we cannot rest while this scourge continues to afflict our community.”

Results of wastewater testing released today by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), shows meth use is 60 % lower than it was at its peak in October 2016.

Report also reveals meth use in regional Western Australia has fallen by 11 %.

It is the first time Perth has been below the national average for meth consumption, and lower than the capital cities of Adelaide, Melbourne and Darwin.

ACIC study compares samples of wastewater from 47 locations around Australia.

Since taking office, the McGowan Government has made a significant investment in the Western Australia Police Force to tackle the ice scourge.

More than $100 Million has been committed to Western Australia’s Meth Border Force, which includes 100 additional Police officers and 20 additional specialist and support staff.

New equipment has also been delivered to boost Police efforts to intercept more of the drug.

In the past 12 months the Meth Border Force has:

  • Seized more than 1.56 tonnes of crystal meth;
  • Charged 185 offenders;
  • Frozen nearly $30 Million in assets including bank accounts, real estate and vehicles.

McGowan Government has also introduced some of the toughest penalties in the country for dealers and traffickers, by increasing the maximum penalty to life imprisonment.

State Government’s co-ordinated Meth Action Plan is also investing significantly in specialised drug and alcohol rehabilitation prisons, treatment facilities and expanded drug services across the State.