Premier Marshall Rolls Out Recharging Our Regions Plan

Premier Marshall Rolls Out Recharging Our Regions Plan

South Australia Premier Steven Marshall

Premier Tours The South-East

Victor P Taffa

Premier Steven Marshall will visit the State’s South-East to engage with local businesses and government service providers.

State Government recognises that supporting South Australia’s regions is crucial to growing the economy and creating new job opportunities.

Premier Marshall will be accompanied by the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development, Tim Whetstone, who has been in the region since Monday.

“My government is committed to creating jobs and growing South Australia’s regions by delivering our strong regional plan.” Premier Marshall said.

“Today I will be talking to businesses and industry leaders in the South-East about our plan and reassuring them that the regions will be a priority under my government.”

“I am looking forward to rolling out Recharging Our Regions; a comprehensive plan to create regional jobs, invest in regional infrastructure, improve frontline services and reduce the cost of living pressures through lower taxes, lower power bills and capping council rates.”

State Government has committed to a suite of policies to recharge the regions:

  • Establishing a Regional Growth Fund
  • Setting up new trade offices
  • Farm debt meditation
  • Protecting the livestock industry
  • Capping NRM levies
  • Conducting a water pricing inquiry
  • Royalties for Regions
  • Moratorium on fracking in the South East
  • Reinstating country speed limits
  • Investing in country health
  • Establishing regional health boards
  • Mount Gambier renal dialysis services.

State Government will again reaffirm its commitment to impose a ten year moratorium on fracking in the State’s South-East.

“We have listened to the local community in the South-East, the majority of which were vehemently opposed to the notion of fracking on their prime agriculture land.” Premier Marshall said.

“State Government is committed to protecting our precious water resources in the South-East which will encourage existing businesses to continue to grow and create more jobs.”