Northern Territory Statehood Provides Greater Opportunities For Financial Autonomy

Northern Territory Statehood Provides Greater Opportunities For Financial Autonomy

Northern Territory Treasurer Nicole Manison

$2 Billion GST Cut And The CLP Doesn’t Care

Victor P Taffa

Northern Territory Treasurer Nicole Manison has called on the Prime Minister and the Federal Treasurer to visit The Northern Territory as soon as possible to see first-hand how important it is to support the Territory.

Treasurer Manison said last night’s Federal Budget confirms the unprecedented cuts to the Territory’s GST revenue over the forward estimates, which will see $2 Billion cut from the Territory.

“Federal Budget includes forward estimates of state and Territory GST revenue to 2020-21, and the impact of the GST cut will be felt deeply by Territorians.” Treasurer Manison said.

“This is why it is essential the Northern Territory Government do the heavy lifting to create jobs, encourage private investment in the Territory, and invest in our remote and urban communities.”

“Federal Government has turned their back on the Territory. They have walked away from their own policy agenda to develop the North, close the gap on Indigenous disadvantage and increase defence spending.”

“This lack of commitment from the Federal Government demonstrates a lack of understanding of the challenges we face here in the Territory every day, and the opportunity that lies in developing the North for the benefit of all Australians.” Treasurer Manison said.

“We deserve a strong voice at the cabinet table, to secure the best outcomes for Territorians and there has clearly been a failure here.”

“Western Australia with a Finance Minister and a Foreign Minister representing their interests has managed to secure a GST top up.”

“Northern Territory with the Minister for Indigenous Affairs representing our interests got nothing to help our work to close the gap on Indigenous disadvantage, and to develop the North to its greatest potential.” Treasurer Manison said.

Northern Territory Statehood

Statehood for The Northern Territory within existing boundaries is the best way forward for Treasurer Manison to secure for The Northern Territory what Western Australia has achieved with a GST top up.

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