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Northern Territory Chief Minister and Acting Treasurer Michael Gunner

Creating Local Jobs And Repairing The Budget

Victor P Taffa

Northern Territory Government has begun a root and branch examination of Government expenditure as part of the next stage in the plan for budget repair.

Root and branch review will assess agency programs against the Government’s key priorities of:

  • Creating jobs and attracting investment
  • Creating generational change which will reduce demand for government services in the medium to long term
  • Increasing community safety and cohesion
  • Enhancing transparency and integrity of Government

Government Chief Executives will be required to appear before the Budget Review Sub Committee to show how agency programs align with these key priorities, present value for money for Territorians and deliver the services Territorians deserve effectively and efficiently.

“Our number one priority is creating local jobs and a sustainable budget allows us to continue investing in jobs.” Chief Minister and Acting Treasurer Michael Gunner said.

Recommendations from the Budget Review Sub Committee will then proceed to cabinet as part of the regular Budget Cabinet Process.

Efficiencies identified will be announced as part of the Budget 2019 and will be focused on curbing expenditure growth to bring the budget into operational balance over the medium term.

This root and branch review follow the release of former Western Australian Under-Treasurer John Langoulant’s interim report in December.

Work on the final report and consultation on it will take place concurrently with the root and branch review.

Mr. Langoulant’s final report will be presented to Government in the coming months and will outline the long-term structural measures required to bring the budget into operational balance.


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