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New South Wales Minister for Environment Gabrielle Upton

Brewing Up Energy Savings

Victor P Taffa

New South Wales Government is offering businesses funding under an energy efficiency program that will slice thousands of dollars a year off their power bills.

Minister for Environment Gabrielle Upton said the $32 Million Boost Business Energy Efficiency campaign shows the New South Wales Government is helping to deliver reduced energy bills for businesses and environmental benefits.

“We are giving businesses the opportunity to run more efficiently and use less energy, which means it is good for the economy and good for the environment.” Minister Upton said.

“Funding is available to assist companies to install energy efficient equipment, energy metering and improve their manufacturing processes.”

“For example, local Manly business 4 Pines Brewing Company is saving $20,000 a year in gas bills by leveraging New South Wales Government funds to install a high efficiency gas chiller and heat exchanger to improve their ability to reuse heat and save energy.”

“Based on similar recent projects, the savings can run to over $100,000 a year for businesses from a relatively small investment, it delivers real benefits for real people.” Minister Upton said.

“We want manufacturers to stay competitive by reducing their energy bills, which will deliver more jobs and better environmental outcomes.”

“Interested businesses should register now to be eligible for up to $120,000 per site from February 2019 under the New South Wales Government’s program.”

“Small businesses don’t miss out either: there’s also $16 Million to help around 14,000 small businesses install energy efficient lighting, air-conditioning and other equipment or get tailored training and energy management support.”

“Our programs provide real and practical opportunities for businesses to drive down the cost of doing business in New South Wales, while improving their environmental sustainability.” Minister Upton said.


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