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NSW Shadow Treasurer Mike Baird


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Manly and Freshwater Beaches will be declared a National Surfing Reserve next year after the area was acknowledged as the ‘birthplace’ of surfing in Australia, Manly MP Mike Baird said .

“Well done to the many people throughout our community who got behind the campaign to see Manly and Freshwater Beaches achieve this national title.”

The title celebrates the role surfing has played in the history of Manly and Freshie and it recognises the need to protect our environment so surfing can be enjoyed by many generations to come. The local volunteer committee lodged its application with the National Reference Group (NRG) of National Surfing Reserves earlier this month and on Friday it was unanimously accepted.

“We were told it was the most comprehensive nomination received to date, which reflected the commitment and enthusiasm of the local surfing community. It is also a testament to Manly Council, which oversaw the application.”

Next May has been flagged as the date for the declaration of the National Surfing Reserve to coincide with the 46th anniversary of the first world championships for surfing held in Manly on 17 May 1964. Chair of the NRG, Mr Brad Farmer, said Manly-Freshwater Beaches would be the last National Surfing Reserve to be declared in the state of NSW.

“The group recognises that Manly-Freshwater is the birthplace of surfing in Australia so it is appropriate that we leave the best until last.” Mr. Farmer said.

Mr. Baird said the volunteer committee would now work with both Manly and Warringah Councils to plan the declaration next May. Once declared, Manly and Freshwater Beaches will be listed as a National Surfing Reserve under the Crown Lands Act.

National Surfing Reserve status means the beaches of Manly and Freshie are recognised as among the best in the nation and deserve protection into the future.

Freshwater Beach, Sydney

Freshwater Beach, Sydney

Manly Beach, Sydney

Manly Beach, Sydney


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