Minister For Police And Commissioner Welcomes 78 New Officers In January 2019

Minister For Police And Commissioner Welcomes 78 New Officers In January 2019

Queensland Minister for Police Mark Ryan

78 New Officers Sworn Into Service At Oxley Graduation

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Police, the Honourable Mark Ryan and Commissioner Ian Stewart today welcomed 78 new Police officers to the Queensland Police Service (QPS), in an induction ceremony held at the QPS Academy, Oxley campus.

Graduating as First Year Constables (FYC), the new officers have completed 25 weeks of intensive training, preparing them for their new roles serving the community.

Recruit training program provides recruits with a high-quality foundation, so they can deliver an excellent level of service to the community and ensure their Policing skills have developed to a level necessary for operational Policing as First Year Constables under supervision.

Police Minister Ryan said Police perform a vital role in the maintenance of law and order and public safety on behalf of the communities and Government of Queensland.

“I am grateful for the 78 FYC’s who have accepted this responsibility today.” Minister Ryan said.

“Each has sworn they will maintain integrity, professionalism and accountability when serving and protecting the people of Queensland. Queenslanders should feel confident these standards will be met.”

“They will help to create a safe environment for residents and visitors, working in partnership with local communities and other government agencies around Queensland.”

“First Year Constables breathe new life into the Service with their unique experiences and enthusiasm. I would like to acknowledge the education and support services provided by the QPS People Capability Command and wish the 78 FYC’s good luck as they embark on their careers.” Minister Ryan said.

Of the 78 officers sworn in today, 14 are graduates of the fourth Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Recruit Preparatory Program.

This is a 10-week program targeting recruit applicants from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to prepare them for the mainstream Recruit Training Program.

Commissioner Stewart congratulated the FYC’s on their graduation and announced they would commence their careers in the Brisbane, South Eastern, Central and Southern regions.

Of the 78 new Police officers:

  • 13 FYC’s have been allocated to the Brisbane Region,
  • 18 to the South Eastern Region,
  • 25 to the Central Region,
  • 22 to the Southern Region.

“I remember my induction well and I hope this afternoon’s ceremony is a memory each FYC carries with them throughout a successful career in the QPS.” Commissioner Stewart said.

“Role of a Police officer is like no other responsible for the safety and security of Queensland. There is no doubt each of these new officers will experience some challenging situations, however there will also be many rewarding and humbling times.

“I wish luck to every officer in their career and feel confident they will uphold the values expected of a Police officer in Queensland.” Commissioner Stewart said.