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New South Wales Minister for Police Troy Grant

Proactive Policing See Crimes Rates Stable Or Falling

Victor P Taffa

Latest quarterly crime statistics released today show 16 of the 17 major crime categories in New South Wales were stable or falling in the 24 months to December 2017.

Minister for Police Troy Grant welcomed the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) report and applauded the hard work and determination of frontline Police officers throughout the state.

“Community safety is a top priority for this Government and these results show our tough and proactive stance on crime is having a positive effect.” Minister Grant said.

Major crime categories trending down are:

  • Break and enter – dwelling (down 6.5%)
  • Break and enter – non-dwelling (down 9.8%)
  • Steal from person (down 8.3%)
  • Fraud (4.8%)

One offence that trended upwards statewide is stealing from retail store, which increased by 3.9 %. More than half of these offences involved the theft of liquor.

Minister Grant said he was encouraged to see amphetamine possession had dropped for the third consecutive BOCSAR report, with the latest 12.5 % decrease indicating the proactive approach by Police is having an effect and deterring people from taking this drug.

“Unfortunately, cocaine use and possession has increased significantly by 43.4 %, with Sydney’s inner city and Eastern Suburbs responsible for 56 % of those offences.

“Cocaine is a dangerous and addictive substance that has destroyed many lives, and this upward swing has got to stop. Users are lining the pockets of drug cartels and have been put on notice if you are caught buying cocaine, you will be charged.”

Sexual Assault Offences

Meanwhile, sexual assault offences across the state have remained stable, however there have been considerable spikes in a number of areas in the Greater Sydney Region, including:

  • Inner South West (up 37.8%),
  • Ryde (up 42.2%),
  • Baulkham Hills (up 43.3%)
  • Hawkesbury (up 43.3%).

Minister Grant said no one should be subjected to the trauma of sexual assault.

“I commend those brave individuals for coming forward and reporting this often under-reported crime so Police officers can investigate and hold perpetrators to account.” Minister Grant said.


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