Macquarie Shopping Centre Ice-Skating Rink Faces Demolition

Macquarie Shopping Centre Ice-Skating Rink Faces Demolition

Longstanding Local Resident Horrified

Victor P Taffa

Macquarie Shopping Centre Ice-Skating Rink is to be demolished making way for more retailing and a refurbishment of the Centre.

Multi-Level Macquarie Shopping Centre located in Sydney’s North-West opened in 1981 that included an Ice-Skating Rink.

Design of Macquarie Shopping Centre was ahead of its time with long sloping ramps leading customers from one level to another easily.

Inclusion of an Ice-Skating Rink secured Macquarie Shopping Centre’s popularity and long-term success.

Macquarie Shopping Centre is opposite Macquarie University and is a reason for the Skating Rink’s continued popularity.

Macquarie Shopping Centre Ice-Skating Rink is home to Sydney Bears and Sydney Ice Dogs ice hockey teams.

However, Macquarie Shopping Centre has only just been expanded along with increased Car Parking.

Ice-Skating Rinks in Sydney are far and few between and AMP Capital who owns Macquarie Centre and the Ice-Skating Rink brings people into the Centre to spend money.

Surely Macquarie Centre expansion can be found in other areas besides demolishing a much loved and supported Ice Skating Rink.

Most Shoppers park for less than the designated time and so Macquarie Shopping Centre earns no money from Car Parking.

Yet apparently the Ice-Skating Rink has to be demolished which earns money for the Centre.

Surely the Car Parking can be expanded and some of that Car Parking turned into Retailing.

Depth of concrete that supports car parking is heavier to that for retail areas so conversion of car parking into retail floor space is engineeringly feasible.

Ice-Skating Rink was just renovated as AMP Capital failed to notify the Ice-Skating Rink Management of impending demolition before renovations were made.

This is a heartless decision by AMP Capital that must be reversed by people power.

New South Wales Member for Ryde Victor Dominello has a petition in his office supporting retention of the Ice Skating Rink that people can sign.