Leading Cloud IT Specialist To Consolidate Global Headquarters In Adelaide

Leading Cloud IT Specialist To Consolidate Global Headquarters In Adelaide

South Australia Minister for Investment and Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith

High Tech Jobs Seeded From The Cloud

Victor P Taffa

One of Australia’s leading cloud IT specialists, PrimeQ, is set to consolidate its global headquarters in Adelaide and will launch 3 key projects and 72 highly skilled jobs in South Australia.

PrimeQ is the only business in Australia and New Zealand to focus solely on Oracle Cloud business solutions and services. It sells, implements and supports Oracle enterprise software, via the cloud and provides long-term annuity protection for its customers.

“PrimeQ has seen impressive growth in a short period and is to be commended on its commitment to keep growing this innovative business here in South Australia. The new jobs will be created by PrimeQ and the State Government will require highly technical and in-demand skills.” Minister for Investment and Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith said.

“It’s IT graduates program is particularly exciting, as it represents a rare pathway for students to advance to senior ranks in highly skilled careers here in Adelaide. A third of the new 72 jobs will go to IT graduates.”

South Australian Centre for Economic Studies has calculated that the value of the project’s GSP in its first 10 years would be $69.2 Million.

“PrimeQ commends the State Government for its commitment to jobs growth in South Australia. We thank the State Government, via IASA, for recognising the contribution PrimeQ is making to this state.” PrimeQ Chair Jane Yuile said.

Expansion will see the creation of an Innovation Centre and is being supported by the State Government with a $500,000 grant from the Economic Investment Fund.

This grant will enable PrimeQ to undertake these projects in Adelaide and develop its technical capabilities quickly to capitalise on its current competitive advantage in the Oracle cloud services market.

“We are passionate about creating and retaining high-value technical jobs for South Australians.” PrimeQ CEO Andrew McAdams said.

“We partnered with IASA because we want to see jobs stay in South Australia. I want my own children to have technology career opportunities here in South Australia.”


Formed in 2016, PrimeQ is the only 100 % Oracle-in-the-cloud services provider in Australia, with its competitors typically focused on in-house and hybrid-cloud solutions.

PrimeQ has built a strong list of major corporate customers from within Australia and beyond.

These include SAHMRI, Pacific Brands, Australian Vintage, Parliament of Victoria, Fulton Hogan, Queensland University of Technology, Linx, Heinz, Australian Container Freight Services, Chi-X and Southern Restaurants.

PrimeQ currently has 86 employees with offices across Australia and New Zealand, with 27 full time equivalent staff in Adelaide.

PrimeQ will invest $2.24 Million in South Australia to set up:

  • 24/7 global technical support facility to provide around-the-clock support for its increasingly diverse international customer base
  • New software innovation hub for its cloud and Oracle developers to generate intellectual property and software solutions for its customers
  • Graduate program in partnership with universities and TAFE, providing pathways for South Australian IT graduates to train and build successful careers.