Happy Australia Day 2016

Happy Australia Day 2016

Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles

Congratulations To Australia Day Honours Recipients

Victor P Taffa

Chief Minister, Adam Giles, today congratulated the diverse group of Australians recognised in today’s Australia Day honours.

Chief Minister Giles said it was pleasing to see Territorians from all walks of life recognised for their service.

“Territorians get on and does what they see need to be done with minimum fuss.” Chief Minister Giles said.

“We have an extraordinary range of committed people who make a difference to other people’s lives every day. These people don’t seek recognition, they don’t seek awards. They just do it because they are passionate and believe in the value of what they are doing.”

“But on days like this we need to pause to think about just how it is we get to live in the best place in the world and what makes it such a great place. In many respects it’s our fellow Territorians and their outlook on life and the benefits their hard work brings to others.”

“So on this Australia Day, let’s stop and salute the efforts of our award winners and say thanks for doing what you do and doing it with such passion and commitment.” Chief Minister Giles said.

Chief Minister Giles said it was great to see Australians with a commitment to the Territory acknowledged with Allan Myers, the Chair of the NT Museums and Art Gallery Board, being recognised as a Companion of the Order of Australia for his services to philanthropic leadership.

NT Chief Minister Adam Giles

NT Chief Minister Adam Giles









2016 Australia Day Honours Recipients:


Mr. John Gavan BREEN

For distinguished service to the Indigenous community through the preservation of languages, to the development of orthographies, and to education.

Mr. Breen has been an Independent Linguist at the Institute for Aboriginal Development since 1981.



Dr. John Eric MOODY

For significant service to clinical dentistry, particularly in remote Indigenous communities.

Dr. Moody pioneered dental treatment in Arnhem Land in the late 1940’s.



Mr. Januario John RIVAS

For significant service to the Philippine community of the Northern Territory.

Mr. Rivas has been Honorary Consul General for the Philippines in the Northern Territory, since 2010, and arranged a ceremony to honour Filipino Merchant Mariners in 2014.

Dr. Brian Thomas SPAIN

For significant service to medicine in the discipline of anaesthesia, as a clinician, to healthcare standards, and to professional medical bodies.

Dr. Spain has been the Director of Anaesthesia at RDH since 2001 and is also the Director of Hyperbaric Medicine and Co-Director of Surgery and Critical Care.

Dr. Spain provided critical triage and medical care to patients following the Bali Bombings, 2005 and 2002, and was involved in the establishment of the National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre in 2004.


For significant service to the Greek community of the Northern Territory through a range of executive roles with sporting and cultural organisations.

Mr. Vrodos was the President of the Greek Orthodox Community of Northern Territory between 1995 and 2000. He was also founder and player of the Hellenic Athletic Club.



Mr. Thomas Walter FAWCETT

For service to the livestock transport industry.

Mr. Fawcett has been Managing Director of Fawcett Cattle Company, since 1963 and a long-serving member of the Coomalie Community Government Council, the Adelaide River Show Society and the Adelaide River Race Club.

Mrs. Sandra Ruth JOHNSON

For service to the mining industry in the Northern Territory.

Mrs. Johnson has been a Director of Capricorn Mapping and Mining Title Services since 2000 and a Committee Member and Life Member of the Extractive Industry Association.

Mrs. Johnson was also involved in the establishment of Indigenous Land Use Agreements.

Sister Teresa Anne WARD

For service to Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, particularly as a linguist and educator.

Sister Ward’s service to the community includes Teacher Linguist, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Thamarrurr College, Wadeye, since 2009.Teacher/Teacher Linguist, Wadeye, (Port Keats), Northern Territory, 1978-1983.

Sister Ward established the Literature Production Centre and developed materials in the Murrinhpatha language, in conjunction with the Indigenous community, for the bilingual program.



Mr. James (Jim) ROGERS

For outstanding public service to the community of the Northern Territory, particularly as the coordinator of the Regional Recovery Response for Tropical Cyclones Lam and Nathan.

Mr. Rogers is responsible for leading the whole of government recovery coordination for two tropical cyclones that hit across the East Arnhem Region of the Northern Territory in February 2015.

With more than 500 remote community residents affected by severe Tropical Cyclone Lam, he instigated the setting up of a Local Recovery Committee in Galiwin’ku, Milingimbi and Ramingining.

Ms. Anne Su-Phin TAN

For outstanding public service to the community of the Northern Territory, particularly in the areas of financial policy development and reform, major infrastructure projects and investment.

Ms. Tan has worked in the Northern Territory Government for more than 25 years. She has held a number of executive service roles in Treasury and Finance, the Power Water Corporation, and the Department of the Chief Minister.

She has superior knowledge and experience in intergovernmental policy and relations, and in the area of Major Projects, Infrastructure and Investment.



Commissioner Reece Philip KERSHAW

Commissioner Kershaw joined the Northern Territory (NT) Police Force in February 2011. Prior to being appointed to the NTPF as an Assistant Commissioner in 2011, he commenced his career in 1988 with the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

He was promoted to the position of Commissioner on 14 April 2015, where he continues the development and future proofing of the NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services (NTPFES). He has a wide range of experience in law enforcement at a national and international level.

Assistant Commissioner Jamie Andrew CHALKER

Assistant Commissioner Chalker joined the Northern Territory (NT) Police Force (NTPF) in January 1994 and was appointed Assistant Commissioner Regional Operations Service in 2012, and since that time has demonstrated strong adaptive leadership which has delivered significant operational results through innovative strategies focussed on the needs of the local community.

He epitomises the values of the NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services (NTPFES) at all times demonstrating honesty and integrity, and has built relationships of trust with the community which has directly contributed to enhancements in the perception of, and satisfaction with, Policing in the Northern Territory.



Mr. lan Ross LOCKLEY

Mr. Lockley has been a full-time employee with the Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service (NTFRS) since 6 March 1978, and currently holds the substantive rank of District Officer and is also currently acting as Deputy Chief Fire Officer.

Recently he held the position of Officer in-Charge (OIC) for the Community Fire Safety Command, the Training and Development Command, and has performed the role of Staff Officer to the Chief Fire Officer of the NTFRS.

Mr Lockley is a passionate career fire officer that is not only results driven, but is also a leader who takes an active role in effecting change for the betterment of the organisation, its people and the communities it serves.



Ms. Sharon Louise KEARNEY

Ms. Kearney joined Northern Territory Emergency Service (NTES) on 26 March 2009 and has held the Unit Officer position at the Darwin Volunteer Unit since January 2013. She has selflessly committed her time to leading and managing the Darwin Volunteer Unit. Her leadership qualities have demonstrated her keen interest in the welfare of volunteers, and recognition of the critical role they perform in the operation of all NTES Units.