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New South Wales Acting Premier John Barilaro

Deputy Premier Inspects Proposed Flood Mitigation Plans For Lismore

Victor P Taffa

Acting Premier, Minister for Regional New South Wales, Small Business and Skills John Barilaro today toured the site of the proposed flood mitigation works in Lismore.

Acting Premier Barilaro said his visit was prompted by the launch of a petition started by Nationals candidate for Lismore, Austin Curtin, calling for the New South Wales Government to fund the $8 Million of works.

“It’s important to see first-hand what these plans will look like and how they’ll work.” Acting Premier Barilaro said.

“For so long Lismore has been a town that has always faced the threat of flood, or indeed endured the devastation of flood.”

“Any plan that seeks to mitigate that threat is worth investigating fully. Acting Premier Barilaro said.


“I know how badly the recent floods impacted the residents and business operators in the region, which is why I’m keen to explore these plans, and in turn find out what can be done to reduce the likelihood of future flood.”

“I welcome Austin’s move to launch a petition, because on a matter as big as this, it is critical that the proposal has the backing and support of the local community.”

“Starting a petition like this shows Austin isn’t someone who’s prepared to just sit on his hands and talk about problems. He’s the sort of person who actually take action to get them fixed. And I like that.” Acting Premier Barilaro said.

Stage one of the proposed new flood plan includes moving 410,000 cubic metres of soil outside the levee to inside the levee, which will allow water flowing from Leycester Creek to travel easily down the flood plain channel past the airport and re-enter the river system below the city.

Acting Premier Barilaro said the New South Wales Government would investigate possible funding sources while the petition is being circulated.


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