Darvall Road Residents Short Changed On Concrete Footpath

Darvall Road Residents Short Changed On Concrete Footpath

Darvall Road Named After Early Colonial Major

Victor P Taffa

Major Edward Darvall

Darvall Road is named after Major Edward Darvall and in need of a concrete footpath.

Major Edward Darvall and his family arrived in the colony in January 1840. He was a retired English army officer with strong family connections to the British East India Company.

His wife Emily came from a long line of wealthy London merchants. In May 1840, the Darvalls leased Deniston Farm and 100 acres (40 ha) of land from a Dr. Forster, for a period of 12 years.

However, the property was again advertised to let in the Sydney Morning Herald on 8 March 1849. In 1855 William and Susan Bennett sold all their land north of Victoria Road to Major Darvall.

Darvall property stretched from Shaftsbury Road to Ryedale Road and from Rowe Street to Victoria Road, a total of 360 acres (146 ha).

They built a two-storey house, Ryedale House, during the late 1850’s, now the site of St. Columb’s Anglican Church. The house was constructed of sandstone blocks. It is believed the Ryedale Estate was so named because of its closeness to Ryde and because Major Darvall came from the Yorkshire dales.

50 acres (20 ha) nearest the house were planted with orchards, mainly citrus trees. The Darvalls lived in this house for nearly 70 years.

  • Edward until his death in 1869,
  • His widow Jane until 1899,
  • Their son Anthony until 1910,
  • Anthony’s widow Kate until 1922.

Darvall Road/ Tramway Street Roundabout







Speech To Ryde City Council

Many years ago Ryde Council enabled local residents the opportunity to address a Council Meeting on a matter of Public Importance for a short period of time.

This is not the first occasion in which Editor Victor P Taffa has spoken at a meeting of Ryde City Council. This is a very good initiative by Ryde Council.

Editor Victor P Taffa has requested to speak to Ryde City Council at the first meeting following the election of Mayor likely to be on 24 October 2017 about construction of a Darvall Road Footpath.

Speech by Editor Victor P Taffa to Ryde Council on a Darvall Road Footpath will include:

Mayor, Councillors, General Manager and Council Staff,

Concrete footpath is long overdue from 113 Darvall Road to Rutledge Street.

Considering that the footpath runs from the corner of Victoria Road to 113 Darvall Road and then stops shows how residents have been short changed on a decent footpath for a very long time.

Darvall Road has footpaths along both sides on the northern side of Rutledge Street.

There are about 100 residents on that side of the street. Many people walk down the road to the Bus Stop on Victoria Road.

Since the half completed footpath was installed on the even side of the street Victoria Road Bus Services have improved and as such a footpath is needed on both sides of the street.

Nature strip has an uneven surface and has a variation of sloping grades that makes walking along the nature strip difficult. As such many people walk along the street. However between Warrawong Street and Clanwilliam Street the grade of Darvall Road is very steep.

Darvall Road is one of 3 streets to run from Victoria Road to Rutledge Street. These being:

  • Shaftsbury Road,
  • Darvall Road,
  • Marsden Road.

Shaftsbury Road

Shaftsbury Road has a very narrow and steep grade of nature strip that makes installing a footpath along both sides of Shaftsbury Road between Hall Street and Trelawney Street very difficult.

Marsden Road

Marsden Road is a boundary road between Parramatta and Ryde Councils. Parramatta City Council completed a footpath on their side of Marsden Road many years ago.

Ryedale Road

Ryedale Road from Sixth Avenue to Fourth Avenue had a Steps Footpath installed many years ago.

Darvall Road

In 2008 Editor Victor P Taffa was instrumental in having

  • Footpath completed to the corner of Tramway Street on the even side of Darvall Road.
  • Roundabout installed at Darvall Road/Tramway Street intersection.
  • Installation of a Steps Footpath from Warrawong Reserve to Clanwilliam Street on the even side of Darvall Road.

Darvall Road near Warrawong Street facing steep grade with need for Steps Footpath on left hand side










Drainage Lintels

Editor Victor P Taffa’s efforts also saw the installation of Drainage Lintels on Denistone Road and Adelaide Street.

Drainage Lintel on Denistone Road near corner of Florence Avenue was a replacement Lintel that was wider than standard size and as such took longer for council to obtain a new lintel.

Drainage Lintel on Adelaide Street near corner of Hay Street also required installation of drainage, curb and guttering.

Marsden Road Footpath

As a candidate at the 1999 Ryde Local Government Election residents asked Editor Victor P Taffa for a concrete footpath on Marsden Road between Winbourne Street and Rutledge Street.

As a Candidate at the 1999 and 2004 Ryde Local Government Elections and at the 2008 Ryde State By-Election residents of Marsden Road, West Ryde asked Editor Victor P Taffa to have a concrete footpath installed.

Ryde Council placed the Marsden Road Footpath in

  • 2008-2012 Management Plan,
  • 2012-2016 Management Plan,
  • 2016-2020 Management Plan.

Ryde Council resolved to build the footpath from Rutledge Street to Winbourne Street in 3 stages.

  • Rutledge Street-101 Marsden Road,
  • Winbourne Street-55 Marsden Road,
  • 101-55 Marsden Road.

Marsden Road Footpath took 17 years from 1999 until 2016 to be installed.

Darvall Road Footpath can firstly go into a Management Plan that ensures monies are set aside for installation of this Footpath.

As with Marsden Road the Footpath can be built in sections. Given the varying grade of the nature strip and not in this order of construction these could be:

  • Rutledge Street-Clanwilliam Street
  • Warrawong Street-Clanwilliam Street (With Steps Footpath)
  • Tramway Street-Warrawong Street
  • 113 Darvall Road-Tramway Street

Previously Editor Victor P Taffa has contested the

  • 2015 Sydney District State Election
  • 2008 Ryde District State By-Election
  • 2004 Ryde Local Government Election
  • 1999 Ryde Local Government Election

Residents of Darvall Road are in need of a concrete footpath as soon as possible.