Country Labor Leader Gone Missing In Action

Country Labor Leader Gone Missing In Action

New South Wales Deputy Premier John Barilaro

New South Wales Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair

Country Labor Leader

Victor P Taffa

Country Labor Leader has gone missing in action just 4 days out from the New South Wales Election.

With Labor at 50% in Opinion Polls and the Liberal-National Coalition at 50% Two Party Preferred Labor Leader Michael Daley must be pulling his hair out in desperation as to the whereabouts of the Country Labor Leader.

  • We know that Gladys Berejiklian is Liberal Leader,
  • We know that John Barilaro is National Party Leader,
  • We know that Michael Daley is Labor Leader,
  • Who is the Country Labor Leader?


Labor Leader Michael Daley is banking on standing in front of Bulldozers at the Sydney Football Stadium to win the election yet is unsure as to whether or not the ground sprinklers have been removed yet.

People are saying that no one cares about Country areas.

Who is Country Labor Leader if Country Labor is a real and genuine name and not just some fake marketing ploy by people who were jealous at the true and genuine success of the National Party in Country areas over 99 years?

National Party was established on 20 January 1920.


New South Wales Labor Premier Neville Wran

New South Wales Labor Premier Neville Wran did not need a Country Labor label in order to win country seats. Premier Wran governed from 1 May 1976-4 July 1986.

There was no need for a Country Labor Label in those days. Seats like Burrinjuck was once a safe Labor seat held by the Sheahan Dynasty.

At the 1988 and 2011 State Elections the National Party gained many seats and held them at successive elections. Labor in the Country had been decimated having lost many seats.

Labor Party needed to copy the National Party and so the Country Labor name was registered with the New South Wales Electoral Commission.

In order for the Country Labor name to appear on Ballot Papers that are given to voters by the New South Wales Electoral Commission the name has to be registered with the New South Wales Electoral Commission.

While the name Country Labor has been correctly registered with the New South Wales Electoral Commission it is simply not credible given that it does not have a Parliamentary Leader or members of Parliament who are separate to the Labor Party which shows how insincere that the Labor Party is on the concerns of Country New South Wales voters.

In saying that Country Labor is fake is as true as night follows day.


NSW Premier Neville Wran









Over a 4-day period in publishing candidate names in The Southern Thunderer the Country Labor label kept on cropping up.

Labor Party has copied the Liberal and National Parties in the Legislative Council list of candidate names with a Country Labor/Labor List and candidate names with Labor or Country Labor against them.

How fake and see through they are.

We all know who the genuine Country Party really is.

That is the National Party.

Message that Country Labor is a fake ploy needs to be told so that voters across New South Wales are in no doubt as to what is going on.

Country Labor is a fake ploy with a leader who is missing in action.


Labor Offers Up Pittance To The Bush

New South Wales Deputy Premier John Barilaro and Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair today slammed Labor’s attack on New South Wales farmers and regional and rural communities following an analysis of its election promises by the independent Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO).

“Hypocrisy of the Opposition Leader is astonishing. At the same time the Leader of the Opposition publicly prides himself on being the son of a dairy farmer, his bogus, unfunded policies will rip the guts out of regional New South Wales.” Deputy Premier Barilaro said.

“Labor is planning to maintain a budget surplus by ripping out funding from where it’s needed most and taxing the very people in our communities who are already doing it tough.”



NSW Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair

NSW Opposition Leader Michael Daley









A future Daley Labor Government would CUT:

  • $1.5 Billion funding for drought support package and Right to Farm
  • Funding for $250 Regional Seniors Transport Card
  • $1.6 Billion Regional Growth Funds
  • $142 Million for 9 new TAFE campuses
  • $202 Million for free TAFE courses for apprentices and trainees
  • $1.425 Billion funding for Bradfield scheme and new dams, pipelines and weirs
  • $2.5 Billion for duplication of the Great Western Highway
  • $500 Million to replace New South Wales’s hundreds of ageing timber bridges
  • $300 Million Mobile Black Spot Funding

Deputy Premier Barilaro said PBO analysis revealed Labor’s costings only account for $500 Million of the $4.2 Billion Snowy Hydro proceeds.

“While the New South Wales Liberals & Nationals are spending $4.2 Billion of the Snowy Hydro proceeds in regional New South Wales, a future Labor Government will amend the Snowy Hydro Legacy Fund Legislation to rip billions of dollars out of the bush to spend in the Greater Sydney Region.” Deputy Premier Barilaro said.

“At the same time Mr. Daley has made a host of commitments that PBO analysis reveals it simply hasn’t budgeted for. Labor cannot fund its promises for the bush; Mr. Daley and his team have failed at basic bookkeeping.”

“In contrast, the New South Wales Liberals & Nationals have done the hard work to restore the budget; we are committing billions to regional New South Wales and our promises are budgeted for and ready to go.” Deputy Premier Barilaro said.

Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair said Labor had made a number of commitments during the election campaign, but when it came to the crunch, they were either misleading farmers, outright lying or simply didn’t know what they were talking about.

“After being criticised by the press for being light on detail in terms of its drought support, New South Wales Labor rushed out a media release listing ‘Daley Labor’s top 10 positive policies on drought’.” Minister Blair said.

“Problem is that only one of Mr. Daley’s ‘positive’ policies is fully funded.”

“Shadow Minister for Primary Industries doubled down on his media release, telling the New South Wales Farmwriters’ political debate on Monday that Labor’s promised $1 Billion for regional water is “on top of the existing government spend,” but PBO figures show they have in fact only allocated $500 Million over the next 4 years.” Minister Blair said.

“Labor has promised doubling Landcare and providing millions to biosecurity yet neither can be found in their PBO costings. Have these Labor promises dried up already?”

“Yesterday’s Labor media release was a glowing endorsement of the New South Wales Liberals & Nationals drought policy and revealed the Shadow Minister is relying on the re-election of our government to ensure drought funding is continued.”

“Our farmers, small businesses and regional communities are battling an unprecedented drought that is having wide-reaching and devastating impacts; the last thing they need are new taxes and bogus promises.” Minister Blair said.


Labor’s Bogus Promises For The Bush

  • Extending the Wild Dog Fence – not funded
  • Topping up the Farm Innovation Fund with another $350 Million and maintaining current funding levels of direct drought assistance – not funded
  • Doubling funding for Landcare to $32.5 Million – not funded
  • Providing an additional $11.25 million for frontline biosecurity efforts – not funded
  • Waiving Local Land Services’ charges for all farmers – not funded
  • Waiving rents for 1,700 western lands leaseholders – not funded
  • Providing an additional $1 Billion for a Safe Water Safe Future fund to improve water security and quality in regional communities – only $500 Million allocated by Labor
  • Appointing a Dairy and Fresh Food Advocate to stop price-gouging farmers and primary producers – only funded until June 2020
  • Funding a new drought mental health package – no new funding for 50 mental health workers or $3 Million for telehealth