Charlotte And Noah Tops New South Wales Baby Names Lists From 2018

Charlotte And Noah Tops New South Wales Baby Names Lists From 2018

New South Wales Attorney General Mark Speakman

Charlotte Keeps The Crown For Girls As Noah Leads Boys List

Victor P Taffa

Noah, Oliver, Charlotte, Amelia, William and Olivia have continued to maintain their top 10 positions in the state’s most popular baby names for 2018, Attorney General Mark Speakman announced today.

“It was a photo finish for Noah and Oliver with both tying as top boys’ names on the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Annual Top Ten Baby Names list.” Attorney General Speakman said.


“Princess Charlotte may be fourth in line for the throne, but the name is still number one for girls in New South Wales, beating Amelia and Olivia to the top spot.”

Top 10 hasn’t changed much in the past decade and this year is no exception. There were only two newcomers, Liam nudging out Henry which has slipped to 12th spot for boys and Harper ousting Zoe which dropped to 13th place for girls.

William was third place for boys and Lucas shot up the charts jumping four spots to fourth place, followed by Jack, Ethan, Liam, Alexander, Thomas and James. Mia moved up one spot to finish fourth on the list, followed by Ava, Isla, Chloe, Grace, Harper and Emily.

Attorney General Speakman said the baby name list provides an interesting insight into families and communities across New South Wales.

“While traditional names dominate the top 10, we have seen a significant increase in the popularity of Muhammad (63rd in 2017 to 24th in 2018) and Ali (64th in 2017 to 41st in 2018) reflecting the diversity of our state.” Attorney General Speakman said.

“Regardless of name, every baby born in New South Wales in 2019 will receive a free Baby Bundle from the New South Wales Government containing a range of essential items valued at a total of $300, including a sleeping bag, play and change mats, thermometers, and a first aid kit.”

Process for registering a newborn with the New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages is free, easy and can now be done online.

Parents have 60 days to register their newborn, which means some 2018 births are yet to be registered.

A final list of the top 100 baby names will be released by April 2019.

New South Wales Registry Of Births Deaths And Marriages Top Baby Names In 2018

Girls               Number

  1. Charlotte 498
  2. Amelia 451
  3. Olivia 446
  4. Mia 442
  5. Ava 407
  6. Isla 357
  7. Chloe 345
  8. Grace 343
  9. Harper 305
  10. Emily 297

Boys           Number

  1. Noah 321
  2. Oliver 321
  3. William 293
  4. Lucas 269
  5. Jack 268
  6. Ethan 247
  7. Liam 239
  8. Alexander 238
  9. Thomas 223
  10. James  218