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Look out for those BBQ mishaps on Australia Day

No doubt we will all be dusting off the BBQ tomorrow and preparing to celebrate Australia Day with a sausage in one hand or for some a lentil burger in the other.

Whilst the opportunity to come together for a good Aussie BBQ is great, there is the potential for accidents and serious injury.

Paramedics have attended a number of BBQ related accidents and some of these injuries can be very severe. In one case, a young man put an accelerant on the BBQ which then splashed onto him. He was set alight causing severe burns to his hands, leg and chest and spent months recovering from his injuries.

Tips to look out for when using your BBQ:

  • Gas cylinders can be dangerous: Ensure you store them correctly when picking them up from your Hardware store/ Petrol station. Make sure they are not out of date, in good working condition and look for any leaks or unusual smells coming out of the bottle.
  • Accelerants used on the BBQ are very dangerous. Never put flammable liquid onto a barbeque.
  • Keep children away from hot plates and flames. Watch out for exploring little fingers near your BBQ.

Should someone get burnt, follow these tips:

  •  Remove yourself from danger away from the flames
  • Call Triple Zero (000) and ask for Ambulance/ Fire Brigade
  • Cool the burnt area with cool water for a minimum of 20 minutes. Cold Showers are an excellent way to cool down a burn.
  • Do not put anything on the burn.
  • Follow the advice of the Triple Zero (000) Ambulance operator who may give you additional first aid tips prior to paramedics arriving.

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