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People Deserves A Choice In Mode Of Travel Between Air And High Speed Rail

Victor P Taffa

Airline Safety is no more important than expanding Railway Lines and building High-Speed Rail. The Civil Aviation Authority (C.A.S.A) has been responsible in grounding Tiger Airways and previously Ansett Airways.

When successive New South Wales Government’s avoided improvements to the Sydney Railway Lines one ended up with the Granville Rail Disaster that on 18 January 1977 resulted in the death of 83 people and an injury toll of 211.

Australia deserves to have High-Speed Rail that gives people an alternative to Volcanic Ash delays and Airline maintenance issues.

Australia deserves to have options in how people can go from Point A to Point B and not be restrained in using roads that also become death traps.

Australia deserves better than having Parliament’s full of people who hate the Railways and find every excuse under the sun not to build Railway Lines.

The Federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese is a nice person who means well. However it has been Mr. Albanese who has been responsible for the Albury Railway Line mud bake problem and now want to look good in the grounding of Tiger Airways.

One can’t have their cake and eat it too and High-Speed Rail must be built for Australia’s sake.


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