10 Level Crossings To Go Over Summer 2016-17

10 Level Crossings To Go Over Summer 2016-17

Victoria Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan

Summer Level Crossing Construction Blitz Begins

Victor P Taffa

Railway Level Crossing Facts And Figures

  • 10 level crossings by the end of summer will be gone for good,
  • 10 level crossings has work underway,
  • 6 level crossings removals will start in 2017,
  • 37 level crossing removals by the end of 2018 will either be finished or underway.

Construction has kicked off to remove two more dangerous and congested level crossings in Melbourne’s east.

“This summer we will remove two more dangerous and congested level crossings, rebuild another station and make our city safer.” Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan said.

Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan visited Blackburn today to inspect work on the removal of the Blackburn and Heatherdale Road level crossings, which will ramp up this summer.

“We promised to remove the worst level crossings in Victoria and we’re not wasting a moment. We’ve removed 8 crossings this year alone more than were removed in the 10 years before we came to office.”

More than 800 staff will work around-the-clock for the next six weeks to excavate 80 Olympic swimming pools-worth of soil to lower the Belgrave/Lilydale line so trains can run safely under Blackburn and Heatherdale Roads for the first time.

These two level crossings are among Victoria’s worst. The boom gates are down for around an hour between 7:00 am-9:00 am half the morning peak causing frustration, distress and delay.

Removing them will reduce congestion for the more than 60,000 vehicles which use the crossings every day, and make both communities safer.

This project will also improve access to public transport by completely rebuilding Heatherdale Railway Station and upgrading the Blackburn Railway Station precinct.

“I thank passengers for their patience while we get on with this vital work. It will be disruptive but the benefits will be immense less congestion, safer streets and better public transport for passengers in Melbourne’s east.” Member for Eastern Metropolitan Shaun Leane said.

To enable these works to happen safely, buses are scheduled to replace trains between Box Hill and Ringwood stations from 27 December 2016 to 5 February 2017. Blackburn and Heatherdale roads will also be closed at the level crossings during this time.

When trains and traffic return on 6 February, the level crossings will be gone and the upgraded stations will be open. Finishing works including car parks and landscaping will continue throughout 2017.

Three new pedestrian bridges will also be built during the summer construction blitz at Purches Street, Mitcham, and Cottage Street and King Street/Oliver Avenue in Blackburn.