Attorney-General Releases 2015 Northern Territory Gambling Prevalence Survey

Attorney-General Releases 2015 Northern Territory Gambling Prevalence Survey

Northern Territory Attorney-General Natasha Fyles

Gambling Prevalence Survey Released

Victor P Taffa

2015 Northern Territory Gambling Prevalence Survey Report has today been released.

Attorney-General Natasha Fyles said the report is the first and largest in a series of documents from Menzies Researcher Dr. Matthew Stevens, to look at gambling in the Territory.

“CLP failed to deliver a gambling prevalence survey now we know why.” Attorney-General Fyles said.

“Consistent with the findings from the 2005 Gambling Prevalence Survey, the 2015 Gambling Prevalence Survey makes clear that Territorians never wanted more poker machines allowed in the Territory.”

“2015 Gambling Prevalence Survey found that just 5% of adults surveyed thought we needed more gaming machines in clubs, and just 2% thought we needed more gaming machines in hotels.”  

“Instead of reflecting community concerns, on 1 January 2015 the chaotic former CLP government lifted the Territory’s cap on gaming machines. An additional 534 gaming machines were added to our community venues equating to a roughly 45% increase.” Attorney-General Fyles said.

“CLP allowed a free-for-all expansion of gaming machines in our community venues without consultation or evidence of the impact on the community.”

Ms Fyles said the Gunner Territory Government listened to concerns around the significant increases in Electronic Gaming Machines (EGM) that occurred under the former CLP government.

“We listened and in November last year we took action, delivering on a key election promise by capping community EGM’s.”

“This Report makes clear that our Government’s policy of bringing back a cap on EGM’s is responsible, evidence-based and meets community expectations.” Attorney-General Fyles said.

“Every Territorian has a right to live in safe and vibrant communities. To achieve this we need to monitor the harms associated with high-risk gambling and addiction.”

“Gambling has a considerable impact on Territory communities and families and the Territory Government will continue to take an evidence based approach, working with key stakeholders.”

“Findings will be reviewed to consider any future policy developments needed in this area.” Attorney-General Fyles said.

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