Zero Tolerance For Graffiti

Zero Tolerance For Graffiti

Victoria Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu

Victoria Shadow Minister for Police Peter Ryan

Victoria Shadow Minister for Crime Prevention Andrew McIntosh

Coalition Unveils $29 Million Community Crime Prevention Program

Victor P Taffa

$4 Million towards Graffiti Removal and Prevention

Grants up to $250,000 available to Councils for Public Safety Initiatives

Grants up to $10,000 for Community Proposals that Prevent and Reduce Crime

A Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will support communities to tackle local crime, restore public safety and reduce dangerous levels of violence and anti-social behaviour in Victoria.


Coalition Leader Ted Baillieu and Leader of The Nationals and Shadow Minister for Police Peter Ryan today committed to a $29 Million Community Crime Prevention Program which builds on the Coalition’s commitment of 1,700 Frontline Police, 940 Victoria Police Protective Services Officers and the restoration of the Neighbourhood Watch Program to make Victoria safer.

“The Coalition will fund community groups, sporting clubs, businesses, neighbourhoods and councils to support their efforts to improve safety in their local area.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“With Practical Community Crime Prevention Solutions like CCTV Systems which cover a town centre costing as little as $100,000, it is clear that a modest amount of funding can go a long way towards making families safer in their community.”

“After 11 years of Labor, Premier John Brumby has failed to provide adequate resources or enough Frontline Police to fight violence, vandalism, graffiti and theft in our communities.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“Under John Brumby, Labor’s soft on crime approach is focused on fighting bad publicity rather than fighting crime, violence and anti-social behaviour.”

“The Coalition knows that communities are best placed to find local crime prevention solutions that work in their neighbourhoods.”

“The Coalition’s $29 Million Community Crime Prevention Program will fund communities in their fight against violence in Victoria.” Mr. Baillieu said.

Some of the locations that could be targeted under the Coalition’s Plan for funding CCTV, lighting and other security improvements include:

  • The city centres of Geelong;
  • Ballarat;
  • Bendigo;
  • Melbourne’s CBD;
  • Violence Hotspots such as Chapel Street in Prahran and Glenferrie Road in Hawthorn;
  • Suburban Shopping Strips in areas such as Gembrook;
  • Regional Centres such as Warrnambool, Shepparton, Mildura and Bairnsdale.

All Victorian Councils will be eligible to apply for funding.

Examples of crime prevention projects which will be eligible for funding under the Coalition’s Community Crime Prevention Program include:

• Purchase and/or installation of CCTV Systems;

• 24-hour Surveillance for Community Assets;

• Vandal-proof, external lighting systems to reduce vandalism and graffiti;

• Security screens for external doors and windows of community assets;

• Installation of security alarms in community facilities;

• Community events that promote crime prevention messages, focusing on violence, Anti-social behaviour, violence, drug abuse, graffiti and vandalism;

• Hiring of electronic signage for crime hot spot locations, displaying crime prevention messages urging residents to secure their homes and report suspicious activity to Crime Stoppers or the Police;

• Training, professional development and resources for youth workers to enable them to better target drug and alcohol abuse and anti-social behaviour.

VIC Shadow Minister for Police Peter Ryan

VIC Shadow Minister for Police Peter Ryan









Shadow Minister for Police Peter Ryan said crime and violence were now major problems in Melbourne’s CBD but brutal assaults and anti-social behaviour were also now common in Suburban Melbourne and Regional Centres.

“Victoria needs a comprehensive approach to tackling crime and, in addition to the Coalition’s commitment to fund record numbers of new Police, Community Leaders will be supported in their efforts to promote and act on public safety and crime prevention.” Mr. Ryan said.

“This requires a range of different responses, targeted locally at the causes of crime and violence, and they will be delivered through the Coalition’s Community Crime Prevention Program.”

Mr. Ryan said the Community Crime Prevention Program will include a Public Safety Infrastructure Fund, a Community Safety Fund and a zero tolerance to Graffiti Fund.

Zero Tolerance For Graffiti  

There has been a significant increase in the number of graffiti offences in recent years under Labor with the number of such offences doubling in the four years to 2009.

Research shows residents are more fearful of crime in areas with graffiti and that offenders may be encouraged to commit further crimes in an area defaced with graffiti.

The Coalition’s $4 Million Zero Tolerance Approach to Graffiti includes:

• Making Graffiti Criminals restore vandalised surfaces;

• Funding for Local Councils to target Graffiti Hotspots and have new Graffiti cleaned up within 24 hours;

• Funding for Local Councils to remove Graffiti along Train Lines.

The Coalition will not reward vandals with the satisfaction of seeing their handiwork days, weeks, or months later.

Graffiti vandalism will be removed rapidly to ensure that it reduces the level of recognition in the community to deter troublemakers.

The Coalition’s $4 Million Graffiti Fund will also help locals whose property is vandalised to remove the Graffiti as soon as possible.

A Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will deter criminals from damaging public property by targeting graffiti hotspots and forcing vandals to take responsibility for their actions.

Security For Streets And Suburbs

The $19.75 Million Public Safety Infrastructure Fund will provide grants of up to $250,000 to assist local government in developing major security infrastructure systems including CCTV in city, suburban and town centres and at local crime hotspots.

This funding will be used for council property which is utilised by the public, including sporting grounds, parks and public buildings.

Funding will be directed towards projects that develop crime prevention CCTV systems and technologies supporting CCTV.

The fund will support partnerships between government, Police and non-government agencies to increase co-ordination and effectiveness in public safety and reduce the fear of crime.

Supporting Local Solutions For Crime

The $5.25 Million Community Safety Fund will provide grants of up to $10,000 for community groups, sporting organisations, businesses and local government to support safety and crime prevention initiatives that reduce crime.

Grants will be available to fund a broad range of practical community safety initiatives such as lighting, locks and fencing.

The fund will be driven by local communities identifying local crime issues and working with Police and Government to develop crime prevention solutions.

VIC Shadow Minister for Crime Prevention Andrew McIntosh

VIC Shadow Minister for Crime Prevention Andrew McIntosh










Shadow Minister for Crime Prevention Andrew McIntosh said the Coalition’s $29 Million Community Crime Prevention Program was designed to support a range of local crime prevention initiatives already operating in Victoria.

“Local councils, schools, community support services and other community leaders will be able to apply for grants under the Coalition’s $29 Million Community Crime Prevention Program.” Mr. McIntosh said.

“Applicants will be encouraged to develop proposals and apply for grants that will be delivered in four annual funding rounds.”

“Under a Coalition Government these groups will have the support of the Department of Premier and Cabinet, thereby guaranteeing involvement and support from all agencies of government as needed.” Mr. McIntosh said.

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