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ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja

Liberal Shadow Cabinet : New Faces, New Portfolios, New Structure, New Solutions

Victor P Taffa

Zed Seselja, the Leader of the Opposition, has announced his new Shadow Cabinet.

The approach is a distinct evolution of the existing structure and reflects the community needs identified in the last election.

“This Shadow Cabinet takes a different approach than we have before, and introduces a range of new portfolios, new ideas and new ways of addressing the needs of the Territory.”

This new Shadow Cabinet will demonstrate our commitment to addressing the things that really matter to Canberrans.”  Mr. Seselja said.

“First and foremost is the issue of Cost of Living. I have created a new portfolio specifically dedicated to making Cost of Living a number one focus for our team. It’s is a new portfolio and one I will be taking carriage of personally.”


“Another new portfolio is Utilities. Water and energy costs and management are just as important as water and energy provision and sustainability, and I will be personally taking on this crucial aspect of our new cabinet.”

“I will also be taking on the Shadow Attorney General portfolio, and grouping that with related areas like Police, Corrections, Emergency Services and Industrial Relations. These are all related areas and it makes managerial sense to have them grouped together.” Mr. Seselja said.

“My Deputy Brendan Smyth retains the Treasury portfolio but we have added a new area of Economic Diversification that Brendan has championed for many years. He will also pick up Environment and the Arts to add to Business, Tourism, Gambling and Racing.”

“Alistair Coe has been an excellent TAMS Shadow and now picks up Planning and Infrastructure as well as Transport to bring all transport infrastructure into one area. The importance of getting our roads right remains an important focus for the Canberra Liberals and Alistair will be the perfect person to champion this cause. Alistair will also be the Liberal party Whip.” Mr. Seselja said.


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