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Tasmania Opposition Leader Will Hodgman

Labor Members To Be Held To Account Over IGA

Victor P Taffa

Tomorrow each and every Labor Member of Parliament will be forced to put on the record whether or not they support the job-destroying forest deal, according to Opposition Leader Will Hodgman.

“Each and every Labor member went to the 2010 election campaign promising to extend the Regional Forest Agreement, not rip it up, as Labor has now done simply because the Greens have demanded it.

“Labor members will be judged by their actions tomorrow, and we will be ensuring that they are forced to answer to the voters of their electorates for the way they vote.” Mr. Hodgman said.

The text of the motion is below:-


Hon. Will Hodgman MP

Mr Speaker,

I give notice that on tomorrow I shall move that this House directs the Premier to terminate the Intergovernmental Agreement on Forestry, in accordance with clause 52 of the Agreement, on account of:

1) The Premier has relinquished responsibility for the future management of Tasmania’s public native forests to an unelected group of big business, big union, and big environment and has excluded the Tasmanian people from having their say;

2) According to modelling undertaken by the so-called Independent Verification Group, the Agreement will cost up to 1,600 direct and indirect Tasmanian jobs;

3) The vital Triabunna woodchip mill has not re-opened, as required in clause 32 of the Agreement;

4) The Agreement has failed to deliver the pulp mill, with the Greens and ENGOs continuing to campaign against the project and to warn off investors;

5) The verification work undertaken as part of the Agreement was skewed in favour of a Green outcome, with minimal analysis on the impact on job impacts, compared with the extensive examination of environmental values;

6) The Agreement has delivered almost exactly the same disastrous economic outcome as that proposed by former Federal Labor Leader Mark Latham in 2004, but for only a third as much compensation he offered;

7) The Government has no mandate to deliver this change, by not taking this policy to the Tasmanian people at the last state election, and indeed having promised to do the exact opposite;

8) This deal has not, and will not deliver the “peace” that has been promised.


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