Young Drivers Make Up 28% Of Victorian Driver Fatalities

Young Drivers Make Up 28% Of Victorian Driver Fatalities

Victoria Minister for Roads Terry Mulder

New Website Helps P-Platers Know What’s Banned

Victor P Taffa

P-Plate Drivers can find out what sorts of vehicles they can and can’t drive in a new section of VicRoads’ website.

Minister for Roads Terry Mulder said the new database’s searchable list will make it easy for probationary drivers, their parents and those selling vehicles to establish whether P-Plate drivers are legally able to drive a particular vehicle make and model in Victoria.

“The new website enables drivers to instantly check whether the car is banned or not. It will be a helpful resource for P-Platers when buying their first car.” Mr. Mulder said.

“It will also help P-Platers check whether a car they plan on borrowing is OK for them to drive.”

P-Platers are banned from driving vehicles with eight-cylinder engines, turbocharged, supercharged or modified vehicles and even some high performance six-cylinder vehicles.

“Young drivers are over-represented in the Victorian road toll, making up 28 % of all driver fatalities. A proportion of this can be attributed towards inexperienced drivers handling high performance vehicles.” Mr. Mulder said.

Bans on certain vehicles for young drivers are put in place to combat the high road toll among P-Plate drivers. If caught driving a prohibited vehicle, P-Platers will cop a $239 on-the-spot fine and incur three demerit points.

Mr. Mulder said the new database also enabled people to filter their search results based on safety rating and fuel consumption.

People can apply to VicRoads for an exemption to drive a vehicle on the prohibited list on the grounds of employment needs, essential activities or family circumstances. If an exemption is issued, it will be conditional for the specific vehicle and will include restrictions on how and when that vehicle may be used.