Young Carers WA Website Launched

Young Carers WA Website Launched

Western Australia for Youth Minister Robyn McSweeney

Minister Launches Young Carers WA Website

Victor P Taffa

Youth Minister Robyn McSweeney today launched a newly-developed Young Carers website following a one-off $200,000 funding investment by the State Government.

Carers WA, a non-profit community-based organisation dedicated to improving the lives of the estimated 307,000 family carers in Western Australia, joined the Minister to outline the importance of the website for the State’s young carers.

“Of the estimated 307,000 family carers in our State, about 40,000 are aged under 26.” Mrs. McSweeney said.

“It is a role many young people are not prepared for in taking care of the sometimes full-time daily needs of family members.  It is vitally important they have a support network to connect with to share their ideas and problems.”

“Resources like the new website are hugely effective in putting young carers in touch with one another, for those new to their caring roles and for those needing more information about where to get help.”

At the launch, the Minister presented certificates of appreciation to young carers who formed part of a Young Carers Advisory Group, put together to assist in the development of the website.

“Without the input of these young carers into the development of this website we would not have such a rich source of information for new young carers or those who are just seeking support.” Mrs. McSweeney said.

“Young carers often feel different to their friends or classmates considering their lives are primarily consumed with caring for a loved one. This new website will do a lot to connect these special young people with others in the same position and who will understand their circumstances.”

Mrs. McSweeney also urged young carers needing support to care for a family member to contact Carers WA on 1300 227 377.