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Northern Territory Minister for Health Natasha Fyles

Applications Open For Year 2020 Health Aboriginal Cadetship Program

Victor P Taffa

Applications have now opened for the Northern Territory Health Aboriginal Cadetship Program aiming to increase the number of Aboriginal health professionals on the frontline.

Cadetship Program supports skill shortage areas and develop future Aboriginal clinical and health professionals, with increased financial support offered for Cadets in 2020.

“Successful delivery of high-quality health services for Territorians relies on trained Aboriginal Health Practitioners, particularly in remote communities.” Minister for Health Natasha Fyles said.

“We need more Aboriginal Territorians in frontline health environments, and this program is designed to support that, ultimately delivering a better patient experience across the Territory.”

Aboriginal students undertaking their first undergraduate degree or postgraduate studies to gain professional health qualifications are eligible, and the cadetships provide experiences that will lead to entry to practice upon completion of their studies.

5 cadetships available in 2020 include a study allowance of up to $1,200 per fortnight whilst engaged in full time studies, a book allowance of up to $1,000 per year, an incentive payment of up to $4,000 per year and 12 weeks paid on the job work placement during the university major academic breaks.

Year 2020 Northern Territory Health Cadetship program replaces the Indigenous Cadetship Support Program, and offers an increase to the Study Allowance from $600 to $1,200 a fortnight, and a new $4,000 incentive payment per year to ease financial burden, a common cause for non-completions.


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