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Western Australia Attorney General Christian Porter

Benefits Flow From Australia’s Biggest Native Title Agreements

Victor P Taffa

The $200 Million Native Title Agreements between the State Government and Broome’s Traditional Owners, the Yawuru People, have been successfully registered, triggering the first flow of benefits to the community.

The agreements, which were signed in February, resolve Native Title and Heritage Issues in and around Broome, increasing the availability of land for tourism, residential and industrial development and a new airport.

The registration process, conducted by the National Native Title Tribunal in accordance with the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth), took about six months and provided interested parties with an opportunity to lodge an objection to registration of the agreements.

Attorney General Christian Porter said the tribunal had not received any objections, and the registered Indigenous Land Use Agreements would now take effect.



“The first benefits will be transferred to the Yawuru people as soon as possible and will include $29 Million for capacity building, economic development, cultural preservation and social housing.” Mr. Porter said

“An additional $6 Million will be provided to the Department of Environment and Conservation for Joint Management of a Conservation Estate.”

The Attorney General said the Yawuru Agreements, believed to be the biggest in Australia, are a clear illustration of how Government and indigenous Australians can work together to create a win-win situation.

“These agreements provide enduring benefits to the Yawuru people which will allow them to shape their own destiny.” Mr. Porter said.

“At the same time they will unlock the door to growth, ensuring there will be an adequate supply of land for development in Broome over the next 25 years, and paving the way for Broome to become one of the most important tourist destinations in Australia.

“The State Government will continue to work closely with the Yawuru people to ensure the agreements are successfully implemented.” the Attorney General said.


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