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Queensland Shadow Minister for Transport and Main Roads Fiona Simpson

Queensland Shadow Minister for Environment Jack Dempsey

Rural & Regional Motorists Strangled By Red Tape

Victor P Taffa

After 12 months of having to travel almost 30 kms to fill up their tanks, the Yarraman Community, North-West of Kilcoy, can now celebrate the reopening of their local service station, the State Opposition said today.

Shadow Transport and Main Roads Minister Fiona Simpson said the Labor red tape bungle which prevented the small town from accessing fuel locally was yet another example of a Bligh Broken Promise. Shadow Minister for Environment Jack Dempsey said the laws have been poorly implemented, causing hardship.

Until the reopening, Yarraman locals and passing motorists had to fill up in Nanango 20 kms away, or Blackbutt 17 kms away, or Cooyar, 30 km away.

Ms. Simpson said the Bligh Government is still in denial about how their new laws caused the prolonged closure and left the community without an essential service.

“This was red tape madness from an out-of-touch Government.” Ms. Simpson said.

“I’m concerned that Yarraman motorists are not the only people who have experienced hardship because of a complete disconnect from this Government.”

“I have received Minister Kate Jones’s response to my representations about Yarraman and other communities losing their Petrol Stations. Ms. Jones’ reply made it very clear how out of touch this toxic long term Labor Government are with their constituent’s needs, especially the fundamental need for fuel.” Ms. Simpson said.

“Minister Jones claimed the Government’s changes would not affect businesses with deemed approvals nor would they cause businesses to cease.”

“However, this has in fact happened. Some “deemed approvals” which were valid until January 1 this year hadn’t transferred with change of ownership but there’s also potentially an issue now for many other business with previously legal operations whose “deemed approvals” ceased on January 1 this year.” Ms. Simpson said.

“After that date, operators would have to gain new approvals or seek extensions while they upgraded. We have already seen a problem with Yarraman and we don’t want to see other communities finding the jungle of red tape leaves them in the lurch.”

QLD Shadow Minister for Environment Jack Dempsey

QLD Shadow Minister for Environment Jack Dempsey









“Red tape was strangling businesses and was impractical in its implementation.” Shadow Minister for Environment Jack Dempsey said.

“The Liberal National Party believes in keeping the environment safe, although deems it should be done with a lot more common sense and in a timely fashion.”

“It is unacceptable for small country towns to be left without an essential commodity such as petrol, all because of bureaucratic Labor’s red tape.” Mr. Dempsey said.


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