Yandeyarra Community Signs Agreement

Yandeyarra Community Signs Agreement

Western Australia Minister Housing Bill Marmion

First Remote Aboriginal Community Signs Housing Management Agreement

Victor P Taffa

The Remote Community of Yandeyarra has become the first Aboriginal community to sign a Housing Management Agreement with the Department of Housing.

Housing Minister Bill Marmion said the signing of the agreement, through the community’s Governing Body Mugarinya Community Association, was an important step in being able to provide better housing services to Aboriginal Communities.

“Yandeyarra is a large, stable community with strong potential to grow as a key hub in the region. This proactive move by the Mugarinya Community Association will ensure that the community will benefit through an increase in available Housing Stock.” Mr. Marmion said.

“The introduction of Housing Management Agreements requires extensive community consultation and I anticipate this process will continue in coming months, with other communities progressively signing agreements as consultation and negotiations are completed.”

The Aboriginal Housing Legislation Amendment Act 2010 was implemented on July 1, 2010.

It enables the Department of Housing to provide new capital investment and legally empowered property and tenancy management services to remote Aboriginal communities, when the governing community body signs a Housing Management Agreement.

The Yandeyarra community has built a strong rapport with the Department of Housing and has acknowledged that through this important partnership, the department will continue to assist the community to achieve its goal of self sufficiency.

Yandeyarra embarked on a self-sustainability program two years ago, with the view of becoming fully self reliant and free of government funding over the next 15 years.

Yandeyarra is situated on an Aboriginal Lands Trust Reserve, occupying 230,000 ha of land, and located 142 km south-west of Port Hedland.

Established in 1964, Yandeyarra is overseen by Mugarinya Community Association and has a steady population of approximately 300 people with up to 1,000 during special cultural events.

Its 48 houses are managed by Regional Service Provider, Pilbara Meta Maya.