Would the Last Person To Leave Tasmania Please Switch Out The Lights?

Would the Last Person To Leave Tasmania Please Switch Out The Lights?

Tasmania Member for Bass Peter Gutwein

Gutwein To Leave NE Working Groups Due To Government Inaction

Victor P Taffa

The North-East is at a very critical moment. The looming closure of the Gunns mill at Scottsdale, which is the last major industrial employer in the Region, coupled with the loss of forestry contracting jobs and the uncertainty for the future of the forestry industry is now causing major hardship and concern in the North-East.

“I accepted the offer to join the North-East working group with good will and a strong desire to assist this community in their time of most need. The group have worked diligently to put forward options to the State Government that would assist this region both in the short, medium and longer term.” Member for Bass Peter Gutwein said today.



“The lack of any meaningful response from Government has been very frustrating and I cannot sit silently whilst this community goes into Christmas in the full knowledge that the New Year will bring job losses and uncertainty for workers and their families. It is quite clear that this group was set up to give the appearance that this Government was acting on the problems of the region. But sadly there has been no action whatsoever.”

“I have spoken to a number of members of the working group and they also share my concerns. The Government were made aware of the potential closure of the Scottsdale sawmill more than five months ago. Mr. Wightman was appointed to head up the Government’s efforts to assist this community but he sat on his hands for nearly 10 weeks before he even put together a working group.” Mr. Gutwein said.

“This group have now for the last two months been calling for the Government to make a meaningful response regarding immediate short term assistance so that projects can be ready to transition displaced workers into in the next few months. I and other members of the group expected an announcement from Monday’s Cabinet meeting.”

“This has not been forthcoming and the next Cabinet meeting will not be until late January. This is not good enough. The North-East deserves better.” Mr. Gutwein said.

“Whilst I intend to continue to make submissions and suggestions to the working group I can no longer remain silent over the Government’s inaction and therefore I will be resigning from the group effective immediately and will now speak out at every opportunity to place pressure on the Government to provide this community with the assistance it desperately needs.” Mr. Gutwein said.

Future Investment in Tasmania must be outlined by the Labor-Greens Coalition Government. Closing down every Industry maybe politically correct but is totally irresponsible.

The Labor Party has sought to financially starve Editor Victor P Taffa simply because of his support for Railway and Tramway Expansion. Will the Labor and Greens Parties support a Rail Ferry to Tasmania and the reintroduction of a Passenger Railways to Tasmania? Such a service should ideally be Broad Gauge and not Narrow Gauge.

Editor Victor P Taffa is very happy to leave New South Wales before the March 2011 State Election and work for the Baillieu/Ryan/Mulder Victoria Government.