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Heavy Rail And High Speed Rail Fits In Together

Victor P Taffa

World UN Theories do not suit the safety or needs of Sydney and Rail commuters.

Considering that Sydney in year 2000 hosted the world’s ‘Best Ever’ Olympic Games this whole situation that Sydney and New South Wales are being subjected to is laughable.

UN and policies and stupidity upon the rest of the world to its detriment.

This is also why the British people voted to leave Europe in a referendum on 23 June 2016 by a margin of 51.89%-48.11% margin.

Sydney Metropolitan Rail Network is the largest in the southern hemisphere and one of the world’s largest in terms of size and effectiveness.

Sydney’s Rail Network moves 1.2 Million people every weekday. An 8 car Double Deck train moves about 1,000 people.

Sydney’s Rail Network covers an area from

  • Berowra on the Northern Line,
  • Bondi Junction on the Eastern Suburbs Line,
  • Macarthur on the Southern Line,
  • Penrith on the Western Line,
  • Richmond on the Richmond Line,
  • Waterfall on the Illawarra Line.

This is in addition to railway lines across New South Wales that brings happy people to Sydney Central Railway Station everyday.

Sydney Central Railway Station has 25 Platforms and 2 unused Platforms. This is despite the fact that Platforms 13, 14 and 15 have been ripped out for a railway line that is being constructed underground which runs in the opposite direction to the surface platforms.

International Transport Signage

UN International policies that are also being forced upon Sydney includes having large letters depicting which mode of transport that commuters can choose to travel on. This use of letters is in opposition to alleged international practice.

If it were best international practice then each mode of transport would have a large image that depicted which mode of transport that it was for the benefit of people who did not speak English.

Instead what Sydney has the following on signage:

  • B for Buses
  • F for Ferry
  • L for Light Rail
  • T for Trains

Only people with too much time on their hands and an endless amount of money to spend came up with idea of putting these large letters on signs outside Bus Stops, Ferry Wharves, Light Rail Stops and Railway Stations as if people were dumb and stupid.

Large images of these modes of transport on signage would have been a more sensible outcome if people were so desperate enough to get away from the use of English on signage.

Normal and sensible thinking commuters know that the Northern Line heads north. What might work for a road network overseas does not suit Sydney or New South Wales.

Safety of Sydney Rail Commuters is being compromised by a few main reasons. These include:

  • Removal of Cross-Over Tracks,
  • Removal of Sets of Points,
  • Removal of Regents Park Y Link,
  • Removal of Strathfield-Bankstown Rail service,
  • Destruction of the Newcastle Railway Line,
  • Main Line Theories on a Suburban Rail Network,
  • Pretending that Metro is better.

All of these factors are why so many people move successfully everyday. Removal of them has not improved rail travel or built new railway lines to areas in Sydney and New South Wales that so desperately needs railway lines.

Metro is not better for Sydney. Patronage on the new North West Line would not have been any less had the line operated by a Train Driver and Guard on a heavy rail train service.

Metro in Sydney is just so that a few people at a tea party can sit around saying that Sydney has a Metro Line.

In 1984 Editor Victor P Taffa and his 5 family members went on a trip to the United States. Included in the tour was a trip on a Driverless Train in San Francisco. This train then was no better than Sydney’s Heavy Rail Trains in 2019.

Newcastle Railway Line

Newcastle Railway Line can be restored as an underground line that rises up to terminate at the 4 Platform surface Newcastle Railway Station.

Grade of the new line would be no steeper than the Epping-Chatswood Line in Sydney.

When Capital City-Capital City High Speed Rail at 500 km/h (Japan’s Bullet Train) commences rail patronage will increase and this is most likely when the Newcastle CBD will again be served by a Railway.

At Hamilton Junction the line would dive underground with the old surface railway stations reinstated on the new line. At Wickham underground platforms would be directly below the Light Rail Interchange.

Given the earthquake plate that Newcastle sits on, the new underground line would be constructed by having rubber mixed in with concrete to ensure flexibility in the event of another earthquake.

This practice is done in Japan with foundations for skyscrapers where Japan sits on earthquake plates that shift.

Newcastle Railway Station and Cross Over Tracks now demolished that has left many commuters waiting around














Harris Park Y Link And Cumberland Line

Despite the tragedy of the Granville Rail Disaster on 18 January 1977 had the Harris Park Y Link been built at the time Sydney’s Metropolitan Rail Network would not have been cut in 2 for 2 days.

Harris Park Y Link is a Y Link of tracks connecting the Western Line and Southern Lines which has also enabled the introduction of the Cumberland Line service which operates between:

  • Leppington on the South West Line
  • Glenfield on the Southern Line
  • Parramatta on the Western Line
  • Richmond on the Richmond Line

North West Line

North West Line in Sydney opened recently without a Train Driver and Guard. North West Line would not have had any less patronage had the trains had a Train Driver and Guard keeping passengers safe.

North West Line opened on 26 May 2019. North West Line Railway Stations include:

  • Tallawong
  • Rouse Hill
  • Kellyville
  • Bella Vista
  • Norwest
  • Hills Showground
  • Castle Hill
  • Cherrybrook
  • Epping on the Northern Line

North West of Sydney has previously been served by a railway line.

Rogans Hill Line

In 1902 a steam tramway opened between Parramatta and Baulkham Hills and extended to Castle Hill in 1910.

In 1919 the New South Wales Government converted the line into a Railway Line to encourage subdivision for residential housing.

Section between Westmead and Northmead was built in 1922 and opened to Castle Hill in 1923.

Line extended to Rogans Hill in 1924 and closed on 31 January 1932.

Rogans Hill Line Railway Stations included:

  • Rogans Hill
  • Castle Hill
  • Parsonage Road
  • Southleigh Avenue
  • Cross Street
  • Baulkham Hills
  • Junction Road
  • Model Farms Road
  • Moxham Road
  • Northmead
  • Mons Road
  • Westmead on the Western Line

Western Sydney Orbital Railway Line

In an EIS Submission for Western Sydney Airport Transport needs, Editor Victor P Taffa lodged a plan for a Western Sydney Orbital Railway Line as a Heavy Rail service operated by a friendly train driver and guard that would keep people safe.

Western Sydney Orbital Railway Line will enable passengers to catch the same train when boarding at Chatswood and Macquarie Park to go to Western Sydney Airport.

Western Sydney Orbital Railway Line needs to be operational when the new Airport opens. Sydney had to have the Airport Railway Line opened before the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games opening ceremony and similarly a railway line needs to be opened from Day 1 of Western Sydney Airport operations.

Western Sydney hosted many Olympic Games events during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and as such the Western Sydney Orbital Railway Line needs to be in operation from Day 1 of Airport Operations.

However, for workers constructing the new Airport and residents living in proximity to the new Transport facility the Western Sydney Orbital Railway Line needs to be operational before Day 1 of Airport operations.

On Heavy Rail Standard Gauge Tracks and with fast signalling the Western Sydney Orbital Railway Line will run from the North-West Line to Southern Line via Ropes Creek Line (Rebuilt) and Western Sydney Airport.

Western Sydney Airport will be a new Transport facility. However, this does not remove the need for Capital City-Capital City High Speed Rail train operating at 500 km/h.

Features of Western Sydney Orbital Line Include:

  • North West Heavy Rail services to Southern Line via Western Sydney Airport,
  • Rebuild Ropes Creek Line and connect to North West Line at Riverstone,
  • Commence Richmond-Epping via Castle Hill service
  • Install Double Track Diamond Junction at North West/Richmond Lines Junction,
  • Install Double Track Rail Overpass at North West/Richmond Lines Junction,
  • Install Double Track Sets of Points at Vineyard,
  • Install Double Track Diamond Junction at St. Marys,
  • Install Double Track Rail Overpass at St. Marys to Western Sydney Airport,
  • Install Y Link for South West Line/Southern Line Junction.

World UN Theories do not suit the safety or needs of world-class Sydney and its Rail commuters. World UN Theories being forced upon Sydney by empire building Transport Officials.

Sydney and New South Wales can lead the world in Railways and not be told what it must have by the UN.


UN                  United Nations

EIS                  Environmental Impact Statement


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