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Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

Trading In His Independence

Victor P Taffa

Northern Territory Member for Nelson, Gerry Wood, has compromised his position as an Independent MLA and misled his constituents with his decision only to support Government legislation in the Parliament.

Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills said Mr. Wood’s decision to oppose all Opposition legislation, no matter how sensible or necessary, confirms that the man who once traded on his independence has now traded it in.


Mr. Mills said Mr. Wood has made a quantum leap from conservative Independent to de-facto Labor MLA in the space of just a few months.

“Gerry Wood should let voters in the Nelson electorate decide whether they’re prepared to accept this situation.” Mr. Mills said.

“I believe there’s a strong argument for Gerry Wood to resign his seat and contest a by-election on a platform of supporting the discredited, dishonest Henderson Labor Government.”

“Mr. Wood was elected as an Independent and is now morally obliged to ask the people of Nelson whether they want him to serve as a defacto member of the Labor Party.” Mr. Mills said.

Mr. Mills has written to Mr. Wood calling on him to initiate a by-election for Nelson.

“I point out to Gerry that during the August Parliamentary sittings he was critical of the adversarial nature of Northern Territory politics.”

There should be enhanced recognition of the contribution that can be made by all MLAs and those from the broader Territory community to devising approaches to tackle the important issues facing the Territory.

“What better way to tackle these important issues than support the considered, sensible proposals offered by the Country Liberals to tackle the housing crisis; law and order; education; repeat drink driving; health and environment protection.”

“Instead, Gerry Wood has indicated he will support the dysfunctional Labor Government’s legislative program. Territorians deserve better – and Gerry Wood should give them that opportunity.” Mr. Mills said.

Following the 2008 Northern Territory election the makeup of the Parliament is as follows:

Labor:                                        13 

Country Liberal:                   11 

Independent:                          1 

Total Seats:                             25  



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