Wonthaggi Desalination Plant Completes Commissioning Tests

Wonthaggi Desalination Plant Completes Commissioning Tests

Victoria Minister for Water Peter Walsh

Desalination Plant Completes Commissioning

Victor P Taffa

The Wonthaggi desalination plant has completed all commissioning tests.

The final contractual commissioning milestone, known as Reliability Testing Finalisation (RTF), was reached at 5pm yesterday.

The desalination plant achieved Preliminary Commercial Acceptance on 29 September, and achieved Commercial Acceptance on 17 November.

Following Commercial Acceptance, the desalination plant was run at maximum capacity for 30 consecutive days to achieve the final milestone of RTF.

To formalise this milestone, the Independent Reviewer and Environmental Auditor will verify the processes and issue the final commissioning certificate. This is expected in the coming days.

As a zero gigalitre water order was placed for 2012-13, the plant has ceased production and has been placed in standby mode following the completion of RTF.

The RTF milestone means that the $1.8 Million a day holding charge begins today, and in the coming weeks the desalination plant’s commissioning costs can be determined.

Once commissioning costs are confirmed, water authorities will finalise the amount of funds that need to be returned to water customers as a result of early collection.

I have asked the Essential Services Commission to work with the water authorities to ensure this is done efficiently and that customers receive their final refunds by the earliest possible date.

The return of early-collected funds is a process that was proposed by water authorities and has been approved and monitored by the ESC.