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New South Wales Ambulance Service

New South Wales Paramedics were called to rescue a 30 yo female yesterday (Tuesday 16 February 2010) after she sustained a fractured ankle canyoning in the Whungee Wheengee Canyon – Mount Wilson.

The Ambulance Service of NSW received the call around 2.30 pm. SCAT (Special Casualty Access Team) Paramedics were winched into the area and had to travel 1km down Mount Wilson to the canyon to rescue and treat the patient. Once on scene it took Paramedics several hours to get the patient back up the terrain of the area including having to abseil down and back up a waterfall.



Three SCAT Paramedics and one Police Rescue Officer decided to camp overnight and get the patient out at first light this morning as her condition was stable.

At 06.30 am this morning (Wednesday 17 February 2010) Ambulance Rescue 23 winched up a SCAT Paramedic and the 30 yo female patient who was taken to Westmead Hospital for further treatment.

Following this a second Ambulance Rescue Helicopter from Bankstown airlifted the injured patient’s partner and remaining rescue staff up from the camp site in Mount Wilson.

The patient is currently in a stable condition at Westmead Hospital.


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