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Phone Company Employee Charged Over Alleged $200,000 Fraud

A woman will appear in court next month charged in relation to the alleged defrauding of a major phone company of items worth $200,000.

About 1 pm yesterday (Friday 29 January 2010), a 25-year-old woman attended Blacktown Police Station where she was questioned in relation to attempting to fraudulently obtain 1,000 Apple iPhones from her employer, a major phone company.

Each phone costs $1,086.

The woman was also questioned in relation to allegedly fraudulently obtaining 182 mobile phones on Wednesday (27 January 2010).

The items allegedly included:

  • 13 Blackberry 9,500 phones,
  • 11 Blackberry 9,700 phones,
  • 31 Nokia N97 phones,
  • 131 Apple iPhones.

The 25-year-old was charged with obtain benefit by deception ($200,000) and granted conditional bail to appear at Blacktown Local Court on 25 February 2010.


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