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Victor P Taffa

Wog Ceiling

For many years women have suffered from what is known as the Glass Ceiling. Editor Victor P Taffa similarly suffers from the Wog Ceiling.


Under Anti-Discrimination Laws discrimination has only to be merely perceived to be viewed as discrimination. Over the years Editor Victor P Taffa has suffered from this situation while others see no issue with a particular problem.

Political Views

Editor Victor P Taffa has contested the 1999 and 2004 Ryde Local Government Elections and the 2008 Ryde State By-Election. Since 2009 The Southern Thunderer has been in publication and Victor P Taffa has maintained political views on many issues. To incarcerate a person in a Psychiatric Hospital as an excuse to solve someone else’s problem is what our Diggers have fought against in wars for Australia. The Right to express a reasonable view freely in a democracy is what Victor P Taffa does.

Paid Employment

Since 2007 Editor Victor P Taffa has been forced out of regular paid employment. Casual work has not been enough to get off Centrelink Benefits. Efforts and applications for work are continually made. This situation arose in 2007 when Victor P Taffa suffered a life threatening illness from which he has since recovered from. Regular attendance at a Gym in Meadowbank, Sydney is markedly improving health for Victor P Taffa.

NSW Liberal Party

In January 1982 at the age of 17 years Victor P Taffa joined the Liberal Party. Over many years the Liberal Party has accepted Victor P Taffa whether inside the Party or outside. A vast number of people within the Liberal Party support the views of Victor P Taffa.

NSW Labor Party

Victor P Taffa has no particular grief with any person inside or outside of the Labor Party. Victor P Taffa has often agreed with many people in the Labor Party on particular points of view of an issue. As Editor Victor P Taffa has had differing opinions to many Labor Governments. Articles are published that cover the issues in an impartial manner. What some in the Labor Party perhaps oppose are the headlines associated to some articles. In fact many Federal Ministers have had their images published in joint State-Federal articles since 2009.

When Eric Ripper was Opposition Leader in Western Australia his office contacted Victor P Taffa and remarked on how impressed they were with the coverage of issues from Western Australia. Should any person in the Labor Party oppose what Victor P Taffa publishes then a right of reply is available.


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