Winner Of Infill Housing Design Competition Announced By Minister

Winner Of Infill Housing Design Competition Announced By Minister

Western Australia Minister for Housing Peter Tinley

Fremantle Firm Wins Hilton Infill Housing Design Competition

Victor P Taffa

  • Design competition challenge was to conserve heritage character while delivering innovative infill public housing solutions
  • Hilton revitalisation part of McGowan Government’s urban renewal vision for Fremantle and surrounding areas

Bernard Seeber Architects took centre stage on Thursday 14 December when Housing Minister Peter Tinley announced the Fremantle-based firm as winners of a design competition to deliver creative infill public housing solutions in the heritage suburb of Hilton.

“Good design is fundamental to successful neighbourhood planning and to creating and supporting vibrant, liveable and safe communities.” Minister for Housing Peter Tinley said.

“Well-designed public housing helps promote social diversity, delivers taxpayers with value for money and improves residents’ quality of life.”

Intent of the competition, as part of the Hilton Revitalisation Project, was to help

  • Conserve heritage,
  • Reduce public housing concentration,
  • Boost the diversity of housing stock.

Competition judging panel comprised of noted architects and Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt praised the high standard of entries, noting that all the designs were dignified, elegant and place responsive.

Bernard Seeber Architects’ winning entry was commended for its sophistication and contemporary and refined aesthetic. The firm was offered a contract to apply the design to 14 new public homes planned for construction on seven battleaxe lots located behind heritage homes in Hilton.

4 shortlisted teams each received an honorarium of $10,000.

“McGowan Government recognises that there is a growing unmet demand for 1 and 2-bedroom dwellings in Hilton. Boosting housing diversity and urban infill is one way to meet this shortfall. But it’s important we do this while maintaining our links to the past.” Fremantle MLA Simone McGurk said.

“Using the principles of sustainability to develop new built forms that acknowledge the contributions of our predecessors in our historic suburbs is a wonderful approach to this challenge.”

Hilton Design Competition is a partnership between the Department of Communities, the Australian Institute of Architects, the Office of the Government Architect and the City of Fremantle.

It was initiated by the McGowan Government to encourage innovative and creative solutions to public housing and urban infill challenges in the Fremantle area.