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Queensland Shadow Treasurer Tim Nicholls

Does Fraser Support Queenslanders Or Gillard?

Victor P Taffa

Queensland Shadow Treasurer Tim Nicholls today questioned just whose party policies Treasurer Andrew Fraser supported?

“Just one week ago Mr. Fraser told ABC Radio listeners ‘a new tax won’t help the flood recovery’.”

“The response came during ABC Radio’s party games last Friday, 21 January when Madonna King asked Mr. Fraser about the issue of having a new tax to pay for the Queensland flood recovery.” Mr. Nicholls said.

“Today, on the same Program, Mr. Fraser changed his tune and now supports Julia Gillard’s new $2 Billion Tax.”

“Last week Mr. Fraser supported the Liberal National Party’s position to protect Queenslanders from a new tax, now he supports Julia Gillard’s attack on Queensland household budgets.” Mr. Nicholls said.

“I guess it’s a return to form for the Government that promised to keep the fuel subsidy then scrapped it, and has presided over massive hikes in water, electricity and registration fees.” Mr. Nicholls said.


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